Saturday, April 19, 2014


Don’t cha just hate when you have been following a blog and the blogger has stopped blogging? Poof! Vanished into thin air.  And you’re wondering, where have they gone? Are they ok???  Well, I’ve been here … just busy with my “real” job: a daughter (Gin) living 4,500 miles away from home and another daughter (Vermouth) finally getting into university and getting ready to sit her IB exams. So during this break … you can catch up with me quickly by finding me on Facebook and Instagram as The Martini Knitter and on Twitter as martiniknitter. As for Tuesday’s Tin of the Week when I find – or you find – a tin I’ll post it for the time being on The Martini Knitter’s Facebook page during this hiatus.

Also, I have been keeping my Ravelry project page up to date along with any project notes and references that I come across.  I have missed a few photos as I have wrapped and packaged the gift and then realizing … I forgot to take a picture! Argh!  My Ravelry ID is themartiniknitter.

The Martini Knitter


Sandy said...

Been awhile for me...blogging that is, except for my charity blog..I keep that one current. Will see if I can find you on facebook, but I don't get to RAV much anymore, and don't do Pinterest or Instagram. Think of you often, enjoyed Martini's last night...well, we do most nights.

Sandy said...

Dang, you're still gone. What's up? Can't really communicate on facebook, and I don't do Instagram, only once in awhile on Rav. Get back to the blogging world.