Friday, February 14, 2014

And I’m Off to a Fantastic Start!

It’s that time again, The Ravellenic Games.  This year “the peeps” in charged said that you were suppose to challenge yourself in a project.  I’m would have to say that I’m not really challenging myself in any of my projects but I am refining my technique.  How’s that for an answer? I am steeking a project and I am making some complicated cables, so yes, I would call that challenging even though I have done these both before – not the project, just the technique.

I playing again with my old team, Team Apathy and nothing has changed with them since the London Games of 2012.  Meaning this, they really could care less if we win or lose; and in all honesty, I have no clue what team won in 2012.  I was under the impression that we are all winners, as we finished our stated projects.

I spent a few weeks in between knitting wanderings, as I would call it, deciding on what to knit.  I was going to knit 2 pair of socks. I have the projects all laid out in their respective project bags with their instructions right next to them.  

But like anything in my life, I completely re-vamped my project choices once I saw the list of events. Even while typing this post up I forgot the name of the sock patterns and had to go and look at what I chose again.  (Business Casual and The Yarn Harlot’s Earl Grey Socks) That’s how fickle my mind can be from day to day, knitting project to knitting project.  For those that know me, I know that this comes as no surprise …

I took 2 projects from my hibernating Ravelry project page and added them to the Ravellenic Game’s WIPs Dancing Event.  I’m over half way finished with both of my chosen projects: my Freyja cardigan and the Guilder scarf.

I apologize for the photos.  The sun was not up yet when I
took these pics of the scarf.

The Shaker was in the shower and I had to hurry to
take a pic of the work-in-progress before he got out!

But here’s where I am sad, I am receiving a “virtual medal” this year for my effort.  I was sooooo excited in 2012 to buy a commemorative pin marking the glory of me crossing the finish line with my finished knitted socks that I made for Gin. Only because I can look at the physical pin every time I walk into my sewing room.  It sits neatly on my shelf in there.  

This time I get a virtual pin to add to my Ravelry page and my blog.  Great! Another thing to figure out how to attach to my blog.  I wonder how many hours that will keep me away from my knitting?  I know, such a great attitude right? But what I was excited about that I could physically see by looking at this pin everyday that I started and finished something in a given period without too much concern.  Remember, I’m on Team Apathy and they don’t care whether or not I finish.  And bonus! All the money raised went to the Special Olympics.  So these kinds of posts were going around my team’s discussion boards and then our fearless leader found out that a lady is selling them and the proceeds are going to the Special Olympics again!  Double woo hoo for me! I couldn’t wait! I placed my order! 

The Martini Knitter

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