Sunday, January 19, 2014

Yarn! Throwing a Party! Without Me!

I have to say that I was quite productive over the Christmas holidays.  We stayed here and had a fantastic visit with Gin.  We hung out here in Basel, went to Bern to renew our US passports, and even went to Zurich for a little culture (I saw my first Jackson Pollock!). 

I finished Gin’s Harry Potter sweater and she loved it. She even liked that I made the letter M more "superhero" like than "Harry Potter" like.  I made slippers for The Shaker, which turned into making another pair to take with us to friends’ homes when we visit.  Gin liked The Shaker’s so much that she asked me to make her a pair to have in the dorms.  I call them Hey, I’ve Got My New Shoes On because Gin turned me on to this song by New Shoes by Paolo Nutini.  How can you not be happy with new shoes???

The Shaker's slippers for our home
His other ones are solid blue
Gin's slippers

But the gift that she didn’t ask for was a rug for her dorm room.  It’s small.  The rug is only about 25 inches wide.  Actually, the rug idea came from The Shaker.  I saw this yarn and it screamed to me: Take me home! So I did.  What it omitted to tell me is that it looked better wrapped up in a ball than knitted up.  It had no intention to ever be knitted up.  All along it planned on staying in its skein wrapper never to be knitted. I tried knitting it.  But nothing ever looked good!  I must have wasted 6 to 8 hours trying to coax this yarn into something!  So I was complaining about it to The Shaker and I said I was angry that I bought this yarn at 8.90 CHF a skein and that it suckered me into buying 3 of them and for what? For nothing but to taunt me every time I looked at it!  So The Shaker said, “Hey could you crochet Gin a rug to put next her bed?  She doesn’t have carpeting in her dorm room.” So ha! Take that you gremlin-like yarn!  

Look at it! Why wouldn't you think it would knit
up beautifully?

But actually this yarn was not really gremlin-like at all.  I know why it wanted to stay in its ball form not to be knitted because it had friends.  Yes, it hung out in my cotton skein basket with all of my other skeins waiting to be used.  It must have been throwing parties at night or something because once I bought (yes, bought!) 3 more skeins of cream color cotton yarn and knitted the two of them together it was instant harmony.  I could see the variegated colors of the original (gremlin) skein and a hint of the cream skein.

The Martini Knitter

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