Friday, January 3, 2014

What I Did During The Holidays

I am not sure if I get what the whole “bacon craze” is about because in this household we always have bacon.  It is not a fad or a trend in our home.  We simply love bacon and no one better than Gin herself.  If something is lacking in a recipe we are known for saying, “You know, bacon would be perfect in this.”

A few weeks ago, during my mad rush of Christmas knitting and getting ready for Gin’s arrival home, Weekend Warrior Guy emailed me this link to how to make bacon infused whiskey. It intrigued Weekend Warrior Guy, his wife Canadian Yoga Girl, The Shaker and myself.  We had some brief iMessage-ing going back and forth about what whiskey/bourbon would you use?  Someone suggested a less expensive one because what if it didn’t turn out?  And, seriously, why ruin a really good 15 to 18 year old whiskey?  So Weekend Warrior Guy decided to go with a classic standard, Jim Beam. 

Weekend Warrior Guy and Canadian Yoga Girl’s first step was to choose the bacon. 

Then fry the bacon and the bacon fat drippings to the bourbon.  In which The Shaker suggested adding a few crispy bits of bacon to the mixture as well.  We think that addition of bacon bits added to the steeping process made a huge difference in the end. 

The steeping process is rather disgusting.  Look at the glass container right behind Weekend Warrior Guy's hand …

Here's the filtering process

The finished product and thankfully, it's clear looking

Now for the drinks.  We did try the drink that was suggested in the original The Globe and Mail video about adding a chili to the bourbon to give it a little kick/spice. Weekend Warrior Guy made one drink with that, and we found it “interesting and yet different.”  In the end, we opted for this drink.  After all, Weekend Warrior Guy and Canadian Yoga Girl are Canadian and they always have Canadian maple syrup in stock at their home.   

Weekend Warrior Guy with our shaker making the bacon infused old fashion and performing what is known as "da face."

This is the only picture that we have of Canadian Yoga Girl with us.  Vermouth took the pic. Having Canadian Yoga Girl's eyes shut just adds to the magic of how wonderful bacon infused bourbon really is!

Gin, the true bacon lover, said the old fashion was fantastic

I'm looking forward to making another batch of bacon infused bourbon with Weekend Warrior Guy and Canadian Yoga Girl soon ... very soon ...

The Martini Knitter

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Sandy said...

I like bacon, but can't imagine it in a drink. I'll mention it to hubby and see what his take is.