Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday's Tin(s) of the Week

According to Olive, I gotta get my priorities in order … ok, she didn’t say quite like that but …

I have made my exercising the priority almost over everything else. As I say, “I’m on a roll, baby!” But is that really an excuse?  My day usually looks like this: Wake up, have a little coffee, talk to The Shaker and Vermouth before they leave the house and then either swim or head to the gym.  Then it’s whatever scheduled for the day: possibly coffee with friends or lunch and then it’s knitting in the afternoon. I can’t complain; I’m happy.

Which brings me to Tin of the Week.  Which I’m guessing has “taken off” as I stumbled across a booth at Herbst Messe here in Basel a few weeks ago.   I feel that my idea, which really isn’t trademarked, has been stolen and turned into capital gain!  This lady’s sold only tins.  I kept trying to take pictures discretely but she kept giving me “the eye.” But she never called me out on it, because I thought if she did, I would have to say in a very haughty voice, “You stole my idea!” Like that would have worked … She had the usual suspects in large Kellogg’s Corn Flake tins, Coke Cola tins any even Lackerli Huus tins, I guess from overstocks from last year’s Christmas selections – minus the Basler Lackerli cookies contained inside. 

So this week’s Tin of the Week is many tins of the week …

The Martini Knitter

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