Saturday, November 30, 2013

I Have a New Talent

I honestly forgot how much work is involved with having a new kitten.  Keeping Vesper busy and out of my knitting is (almost) a full time job.  

Vesper thinking she's so smart sleeping on my knitting
instructions ... I let her sleep, undisturbed, while I knitted!

Her favorite toy is a stick with feathers attached at the end.  She loves them so much that within a several days of receiving her new favorite toy, she has managed to shred it and of course, she doesn’t clean up the feathers.  Oh no, she just looks at you like this:  You’re going to clean that up before The Shaker comes home and sees what I’ve done, right?   So instead of going back to the pet shop to stock up on “stick feather toys,” I went to my local craft store and pick up some “cat toy” supplies.

So here it is:  feathers, thread used for hand quilting, some pom-poms and my favorite product: duct tape …

And just added Vesper’s “repertoireof games:  Acting like Farmer Ted from Sixteen Candles

But I can’t just stop there with Farmer Ted … I just have to slip this is in as one of my favorite movie clips of all time - the part after Farmer Ted comes out from under the table to make Jake a martini.

The Martini Knitter

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