Monday, September 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Canadian Yoga Girl

Last week I posted that I finished my Advent Wrap; what I didn’t say was why all of a sudden the big push to finish it.  I wanted to wear it for Canadian Yoga Girl’s birthday celebration. 

For the past 5 months or so I have kept a huge secret that I couldn’t talk about with anyone for fear of it getting out and spoiling Weekend Warrior Guy’s plan of surprising his wife with a trip to Burgundy wine region of France for her birthday.  Can I just say this: Do you know how hard it is to see someone almost daily and keeping my mouth shut???

So last Thursday morning, The Shaker and I set off to meet up with Weekend Warrior Guy, Canadian Yoga Girl and (new to the blog) Monsieur Bourgogne and Madame Bourgogne for lunch.  Canadian Yoga Girl was surprised to see us and other guests that followed throughout the weekend, Ned and Basel Running Chica, and Mr. and Mrs. Tanqueray.  But the coolest guest to arrive was the “surprise guest star appearance” of String Ray and her husband Mr. Happy Dance*. Now y’all know that The Shaker and I are huge fans of the television show Survivor.  The show has 39 days in its season and around day 34 the “love ones” are brought over to the Survivor island to be reunited briefly with Survivor contestants.  It’s always very emotional and interesting to see how the Survivors react to seeing their love ones.  Well … it was a full Survivor love ones reunion moment when Canadian Yoga Girl saw her BFF, The Sting Ray.  There wasn’t a dry eye to be seen by anyone when these 2 BBF’s saw each other! 
From left to right:
Weekend Warrior Guy, myself, The Shaker,
Canadian Yoga Girl, The Sting Ray, and
Mr. Happy Dance
The end of Night 1.
We were told we were too loud ...
You think???

Far back: Ned, The Shaker (in the middle) and
Monsieur Bourgogne - who always said, "proof that
we had the bikes."
Photo by Monsieur Bourgogne
Madame Bourgogne and myself - of all photos to be
taken to have "proof" of ...

Photo by Basel Running Chica

View from the bike ride
Monsieur Bourgogne arranged for this tasting
where we had a tasting straight from the barrels

From left to right: Basel Running Chica, Ned,
The Shaker, myself and
Monsieur and Madame Bourgogne
Picnicking on Saturday right in the middle of
the vineyard.  Mr. and Mrs. Tanqueray in the
left hand back. Photo by Basel Running Chica
Happy Birthday Canadian Yoga Girl

We had a fantastic time bike riding around the vineyards of Burgundy, eating and laughing.  Thank you Canadian Yoga Girl for sharing your birthday with The Shaker and I; and to Weekend Warrior Guy and Monsieur Bourgogne for planning such a spectacular weekend!

The Martini Knitter

*Note: When scotch is served at the end of the evening and I am with Weekend Warrior Guy, I am known for putting my hands up by my chin and have my fingers dance.  When anything good is happening or around “Mr. Happy Dance,” he does this little happy dance (which is very similar to the gopher in Caddy Shack ) hence the reason for his name.

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sandy said...

Looks and sounds like a very awesome time for everyone, congrats on keeping your mouth shut and congrats on getting your wrap done!