Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wish You Were Here

I have been on a big sock kick lately – this keeping with the idea of finish up what’s on my needles.  Because I had 3 pair of socks on the needles but now I am down to 2 pairs of socks. One being a pair that I found stashed away on my bookshelves in my sewing room that I had forgotten all about!

And yet, I am always leery of socks because I like the fingering weight yarn (the really thin/fine yarn) and then I am discouraged by it because it’s so thin and therefore, in my mind, it’s going to take f-o-r-e-v-e-r to knit.  I know it’s a vicious cycle in my brain. Of course this is stupid and I know it because I am just flying through the knitting in the evenings while watching “Survivor” on Apple TV.  (At the bottom of the post, I have a serious opinion on Survivor).

My first pair of socks that I started and finished this summer are my Wish You Were Here socks. In July I got an email announcing a contest from Jimmy Beans Wool promoting Wish You Were Here yarn from Lorna’s Lace.  I bought the yarn, took pictures of myself around the city of Basel, posted them on Facebook and I really hope I win the contest – I could win!  The contest continues until the end of August.  But here’s the real story behind Wish You Were Here this summer from me, this summer here in Basel was (and still is!)  bee-u-tee-full!  So I do wish y’all were here!

Me with my socks ... walking around Basel
I am getting pretty good at socks.  I am getting them to fit better and I understand the construction of the sock with every sock I make. So in the case of my Wish You Were Here socks, I combined the cuff of Cotty (a picot edge), the “afterthought heel” from Cookie A’s book Sock Innovation, the foot and toe from Ann Budd’s Getting Started Knitting Socks.  In addition to my favorite web link from My Jewel Thief Knit’s where she has a chart of foot measurements (she has a disclaimer about her measurements but she hasn’t lead me wrong yet).

The only gnome I own,
a Carolina Hurricane Gnome

The After Thought Heel
Then I have pulled out The Shaker’s Scottish socks, completed one sock and I am on the second one as I type.  I read or heard some place along my Vortex (aka my computer) travels that when using self-striping yarn; an afterthought heel will showcase the stripes off better by doing this method.  You can place the stripes right where you want them after you complete the sock – which is what I did.

And that mystery project that I found on the bookshelf was Vermouth’s America the Beautiful socks.  On her socks I am making the pattern called Gusset Heel Basic Socks from Wendy D. Johnson’s Socks from the Toe Up.  Which has the stripes going direction; just spirally happily around with no break in the yarn.

My favorite TV show Survivor

We (all 4 of us) have always been fans of Survivor since it started.  Since moving to Europe, we haven’t seen or heard anything about it; we have no clue what has happened since leaving the US.  We are nearly caught up watching all the past seasons (I think Season 28 starts next month). I just love the seeing how a group of people differ from each other from season to season; and where one idea works in one season, definitely doesn’t in another.  I would love to submit my name and video to Survivor because I know I could help my tribe by finding 2 sticks in similar thickness (aka, needles) and leaves (aka, yarn) and knit that tarp that everyone always wants!  But sadly, I know I would be one of the first people voted off, I think I could play a good social game but I would be voted off early because I would be the one complaining about lack of sleep and food.  I am a very evil person with lack of food and/or lack of sleep.  I know my truth and therefore, be voted off.  And I wouldn’t be happy about being voted off because of my age!  I am not that old, but the young peeps would say, she’s old and she’s gotta go.  So I will just drink my gin martini on the couch with my sock knitting and take this as a sign of maturity … yeah, right!

The Martini Knitter

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