Friday, August 16, 2013

Look! I Started and Finished Something This Summer ...

As summer slowly approaches to an end for me, and Vermouth embarks down her final IB school year – yes, I get to go through this all again – I had a goal in mind: finish up those projects on the needles. I have been knitting almost everyday and where are those projects? They are still on the needles! In fact the other day I was rummaging around on my bookshelves in my sewing room and I found another project on the needles! Is there a name for a knitter like me that starts so many projects??? At least I try to finish them or at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

So I ask myself: Where has my summer gone???

I think is this one of the laziest summers for me on record!  And I as I reflect upon this, I think let’s see … last summer I moved into our apartment ... the summer before that was ultra rainy even for Holland standards … I bought a house and I worked on that house … I did the gardening for that house … I traveled … so yes, I think I deserve a little lazy in my life but at the cost of not finishing my projects – “what the *beep*???” comes to mind.

I think what’s funny is that I really haven’t been lazy!  I have really gotten my flabby self back into shape, my arms are starting to look like arms again at the expense of my flabby bit as my friends refer to as “bingo wings” are starting to go away and my thighs are showing signs of some muscle tone. Nothing like Miss Manhattan or Weekend Warrior Guy but in any regard I am so on my way!

But seriously, I did start and finish a project and not at the usual 11th hour like I normally do.  I made Gin a bed quilt to fit her extra long twin size bed for university.  The pattern is called “X-Rated” and it’s from the book Schnibbles by Carrie Nelson. (Click here for the book).I followed the patterns block size and layout but added extra blocks so that it would fit Gin’s bed.

Working on this quilt reminded me of the quilt that I made for Gin when she started kindergarten.  I remember the kindergarten supply list saying “that your child needs a towel to lay down on during afternoon rest time.”  I remember my response being this: there is no way my child is lying on a towel during naptime.  I used fabrics that had motifs that she liked and then I slipped in a few squares that were suppose to represent the 3 of us. I knew she wouldn’t sleep and I thought that all of the tiny squares would give her something to look upon and keep her quiet; and that’s all the teachers really wanted, right? 

Keeping with this similar theme, I made blocks that would that she would make her happy when going to sleep or ponder over when she is missing/thinking about us:  

Her favorite shirt that she wore in 6th grade - she was really bummed when she grew out of it and I said let’s save it and I’ll put it in a quilt one day for you.

Vermouth’s daisy dress that she wore as a child.

Flowers and bugs because growing up we referred to Gin as our “Nature Girl”

Destination motifs with the Eiffel tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the Empire State Building.

A block with sunflowers because that was my maturity dress when I was pregnant with Gin

And of course, there is a martini block as Gin was the one who gave me my name. I’ll be honest, not sure how this block is going to go over in a college dorm but she just might have to say, “My mother has a blog …”

The Martini Knitter

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