Friday, July 12, 2013

Where Have You Been???

Good question but without a very good answer.  I would love to say that I have been off to exotic places in Europe.  But sadly, no, I have just been in a very lazy summer mode.  Summer has finally arrived here in Basel and I have been getting up early every morning and walking with my new best friend, FitBit. 

About 4 weeks or so ago (remember, I am in vacation mode), I bought a FitBit "One" with Olive while she was here.  Next to having my family and Olive close to me, this FitBit is really coming almost in first place.  It’s always with me.  Canadian Yoga Girl was the first to tell me about this little gadget and y’all know how I love my gadgets!  This little gadget is whipping me into shape.  Like I said, I have been getting up early and walking every morning with Vermouth and Body Pump Wino Nut, my ultra-fit crazy American friend “who enjoys her glass of wine” (direct quote from her!). What does this little guy do?  Simply put: it tracks your steps, how many staircases you climb, calories burned, and how many miles you have walked.  For me it keeps me motivated as I am linked with my FitBit buddies and I don’t want to see my name at the bottom of the daily walking steps list! Canadian Yoga Girl is usually in first place so Olive and I are constantly trying to over take her.  It’s only happened a few times.  But the motivation is fabulous!

But enough about my summer workout, last week we had a serious case for celebration:  On the eve of our European anniversary (9 years living in Europe), Gin was told that she passed her International Baccalaureate exams and with higher marks than predicted!  Woo hoo! One of Gin’s friends was quoted as saying, “You don’t do the IB program; the IB does you.” And this truly sums up the International Baccalaureate Diploma program in a nutshell! So it’s official, Gin has her IB Diploma and is off to UNC Greensboro in mid-August to study Bio-Chem.  This girl, since the age of nothing, has loved science – the humanities side of her education was a struggle but with her sciences this she just loves! 

This is Gin at Kindergarten Graduation.  That gown/robe
just hung on her!  She was so tiny then!
We kept that cap and gown as a joke at first
because it was not cheap!
And second just to see if would still
fit at her high school graduation. 

This is what she really wore to the graduation
and yes, that's a real kilt on The Shaker

And what about what’s on my needles?  Well, I decided to really get a handle on my work-in-progress knitting.  I can’t stand looking at all of the unfinished project bags lying in a straight line against my bookcase in my sewing room.  I finally finished a project, Lace Hem Topping, that I started last summer and stuck that into my hibernation pile because, simply stated, if I finished it, I couldn’t wear it; autumn had come.  I am almost finished with my Basel Summer Cardigan – I have the sleeves done and now I am on the neck ribbing.  I have the body of my Trapeze Pullover done and most of one sleeve done.  So along with all the miles I am walking, I am feeling pretty good about my work in progress knitting moving to the completed section of my Ravelry project page. 

My version of the Lace Hem Topping

And lastly, I have a new iPhone.  I know!  I have been a die-hard Blackberry fan for years.  But that phone is just not current with the times I had no tram app and don’t even get me started on the navigation feature on that phone!  All I have to say is, it’s bad when I am late for an appointment, and my Blackberry has no clue where I am and I have to call the place to say I am lost only to find out I am about 100 meters away, around the corner.  Talk about wanting to chuck my phone into the Rhein River or straight at on coming tram!  So first I had to convince Olive to get on board, and once me, Canadian Yoga Girl and Boston Red Sox Fan “browbeated” her into it, I was not far behind.  We used the Whats App for a while before I got my mine and now we iMessage each other.  What a breathe of fresh air the iPhone is!  I don’t get lost anymore, and I can see when a specific tram is arriving; and for me, that is just heaven! Now The Shaker is complaining about my “data usage” whatever that is!

This is my soft phone case for my iPhone.  I ordered it from this fantastic lady, Kelly, on Etsy. If you buy one, tell her I sent you!  She is just fantastic and super helpful.  

The Martini Knitter

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