Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tuesday's Tin of the Week

In honor of Gin’s 19th birthday tomorrow, here’s this week’s Tin of the Week:

Nothing like a good comfort meal from Cracker Barrel.  And, yet, here’s Gin’s version of a comfort meal:  French toast with maple syrup and bacon and cup of hot green tea. I know! I don’t get the green tea either, and I am her mother. Though she swears this was what gave her “her brain power” to tackle her IB exams in May. 

But this was all brought on by The Shaker’s cousin who starts his day off with his Mountain Dew and this donut from Dunkin Donuts:

A maple frosted donut with
bacon bits sprinkled on top
And The Shaker's cousin is not fat and never has been!  It's just not fair!

Um … Cheers?
The Martini Knitter

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