Sunday, July 14, 2013

Random Shots … and Sorry, Not Those Kinds of Shots!

Since I am back in the blogging game after a short lazy hiatus, I thought I would share some pictures that are in serious need of mentioning:

While Olive was here she got to meet a bunch of people who I hang out with here and that do read my blog (thanks you guys – y’all keep me on my toes).

This is Olive with Miss Manhattan:

About Miss Manhattan, The Shaker came up with your name, as he likes to know that when you do come over, you’ll be his Manhattan buddy.  FYI – I love a good Manhattan too but Miss Manhattan’s husband likes a good gin martini like me.  So The Shaker whips a Manhattans and martinis when we get together.  Which it must be said, Miss Manhattan, we got to get together as the weather is excellent now!  

This is Olive with Weekend Warrior Guy. Weekend Warrior Guy is known for “da face” around his close friends.  The funny thing is that Weekend Warrior Guy and I have had many a debate, “When did I meet Olive???  My answer, “You met her when you met me and you gave her the 3 kisses (traditional Swiss greeting).” Now it’s official they know each other; in fact they are Facebook friends. 

Basel got yarn bombed again this year and it’s even better than last year …

I heard that the yarn bombing is on display until the end of July - because of the Swiss National Day’s fireworks.

And Olive met Canadian Yoga Girl’s BFF, The Sting Ray.  The four of us have heard so much about each other that I just had to have a picture of them together!

And then here’s the most random pic of this posting which should be on Instagram … While in Paris, we were having lunch in a nice Parisian bistro and Gin, Olive and myself had to use the restroom.  Olive went first and said to us, “Tell me what you think of a certain article in the restroom and take your phone with you.”  The restaurant only had one non-gender restroom.  Now Olive swears that this was the man’s loo.  I said, “No way, it’s behind a large glass window.”  Olives said that there was a hinge on the door to open it.  I am not sure … But seriously, that Parisian bistro is just asking for trouble!

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