Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday's Tin of the Week

Boston-Red-Sox-Fan saw this last week and just had to send this perfect little tin via Whats App to me.  I couldn't stop laughing!

Thanks for sharing, Boston-Red-Sox-Fan! You rock!

The Martini Knitter

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Olive!

I forgot to share these  fun "photo-booth" photos that we took in Montmartre, Paris at Espace Dali celebrating the works of Salvador Dali.


Me, The Martini Knitter

Happy Birthday Olive!
The Martini Knitter

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Antics With Olive

Olive’s visit is, sadly, a little more than half way over … But she’s hasn’t left my side yet!  Here’s a photo gallery of the antics that we have had up until this moment:

The reason for Olive’s visit here: Gin’s graduation from high school.  Gin we are so proud of you and your tenacity to finish this grueling high school IB program. So that's why we had to include her in some of the photos.

This is Gin walking out at the end of the ceremony with her diploma and with Mr. and Mrs. Tanqueray’s son in the background. 

Olive and The Shaker at the Graduation dinner following the graduation:

And finally the true essences of the night:

Yup that is a real kilt - not rented - on
 The Shaker that we bought for him
for Christmas a few years back

Gotta have a pic of the happy sister

The happy parents
Photo taken by Mr Tanqueray
Sums up the night!

Then the next day, after having a bit of a lie in, we got out and took The Shaker’s mom and her traveling buddies out for a walk around Basel.

On the Rhein

A yarn bombed skeleton at Sphinx Yarn
Shop on Freiestrasse in Basel

A few days later we went to Lake Luzern and had a beautiful cruise around the lake and wonderful lunch to boot!

The reason for the cruise:
me and my dad
School's out for the summer!

Then y’all heard that we went to Paris for a few days.  Can I just say that the TGV train has got to be the best way to travel???

In Montmartre
In the Catacombs; and again I gotta say:
Totally cool!

I LOVE Parisian weather!
And this is only so far … 

And … um … don’t ask about how far we are on our Alexandria Cardigans, ok?

The Martini Knitter

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tuesday's Tin of the Week

This tin I have been saving to share until this month.  Boston-Red-Sox-Fan sent me this a few months back but I have waited to share this with y’all until it was summertime.

I always started the summer off with a new box of crayons and few new coloring books.  I use to love to color outside in the shade before it got too hot to be outside. 

The Martini Knitter

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

And We Are Casting On

Here’s the project (Alexandria Cardigan) that Olive and I have chosen to work on while we are together.  It’s safe to say that we might be a little ambitious to have it completed by the time Olive leaves (but Gin and Vermouth are the hunt for securing her passport).

I chose Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend yarn in a nice soft green color because I have used this yarn before and I loved the way it knits up.  And … yes, I did wash my gauge swatch because I remember that this yarn knits up tightly but once washed, it relaxes and really breathes!  Olive chose a soft, light blue in the yarn that the pattern called for: Fleece Artist Woolie Silk 3 ply.  There is also a first for me – this is the first time where a knitting pattern calls for a certain size needle – in this case a US 6 needle – that I got to use that needle; usually I have to go down 2 needle sizes because I am a loose knitter. 

The cardigan is knitted from the bottom up and so far we have worked the first 6 rows of reverse stockinette and have started on the cardigan’s front panel pattern work.  But before we can really get knitting on this cardigan, we have to go to Paris first ... 

The Martini Knitter