Sunday, May 26, 2013

What Do You Mean, "You Don't Use Stitch Markers????"

I was listening to a podcast the other day where a woman said that she really doesn’t use/rely on “stitch markers.”  What went through my mind at that very moment upon that this designer finished her statement was this: “Oh that poor, poor woman! You are missing out on one of the most fun knitting gadgets ever!”

So I thought I would share my favorite Etsy links of the different stitch markers that I have “favorited” or purchased.  But if you just type into the Etsy search engine “handmade knitting markers” the list is almost endless. I like to start the searching off with a noun, like “alcohol” or “zombie” or even “gnome” to really get things rolling.

I love stitch markers because even though the garment that you are knitting isn’t finished and usually pretty plain looking, the stitch markers just give the knitting a little something extra before it turns into a beautiful garment …

And then here are the different kinds that I already have in my collection.  I know what y’all about to say, “How many stitch markers does Sarah really need???” and let me say, “That y’all sound like my family!”

We love our video games

For when I knit for The Shaker

Monsters from classic old Hollywood movies!

These little guys were attached on gifts that
I have received

Basel Running Chica gave me a bracelet
from her South African trip this winter that broke!
So I made stitch markers with them instead

I love using this in on my small needles

They look like eyes

I got these as a gift and just found out that
the Twisted Knitter lady made these herself!

The Martini Knitter 

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Grace said...

What cute stitch markers! I was just thinking about buying some pretty ones (right now I just tie pieces of contrasting yarn into circles). I love the ones you made from the bracelet that broke, they are so pretty!