Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday’s Tin of the Week

This week’s Tuesday’s Tin of the Week comes with tin and a story:

Gin graduates from high school with her International Baccalaureate Diploma on June 1st and of course, she needs a dress to mark the occasion.  Just to fill y’all in, the school’s ceremony does not have traditional caps and gowns like typical US schools do.  So I am please that Gin's dress will not be hidden behind a gown but I secretly I do miss the traditional cap and gown.  So, naturally, we had to go shopping.  Most of Gin’s friends bought their dresses within the past 6 to 8 weeks, but Gin and I were holding out for more of the Spring/Summer formal dresses to come out.  I got lucky with Vermouth’s dress because we went to one store here in Basel and bought her prom dress and her dress for Gin’s graduation at the same time (it was on sale). As Gin likes to tell the story, “Everyone has a dress for the graduation but the graduate herself, who is actually graduating!”

Honestly, I thought it would be “one stop shopping” for Gin just like it was for Vermouth.  So Gin and I started out on Friday morning and went to the one store that I thought would have the perfect dress for her.  But sadly, the store mostly had black dresses in Gin’s size and she put down a strict moratorium down on absolutely no black dresses for her to wear for graduation. 

Side note: Gin looks fantastic in black but there was no convincing her otherwise in that department especially coming from her mother! Friday was a complete bust.  But I told Gin do not panic! If your own mother is not panicking then you are certainly not allowed to panic.  But I never said we couldn’t be frustrated. 

Oh we did go into one store, on Freiestrasse (between Zara and Herren Globus – but across the street if you are familiar with Basel’s shopping area) and just because Gin and I were both wearing Converse shoes the 3 sales clerks did the “Manhattan once over” on us and decided that we were not worth the effort to help us.  Both Gin and I said some choice (loud) American words upon exiting the section including for me the famous line from the character “Vivian” from Pretty Woman played by Julia Robert: “You work on commission, right? Big mistake!  Big! Huge!” May not the most "adult" thing to do but … I did find it to be a nice mother/daughter bonding moment in already frustrating day.

On Saturday morning, we dragged The Shaker with us to Freiburg, Germany to join in “the fun” of grad-dress shopping. Again we went to several stores and found a few to mull over and discuss while eating our lunch.  After lunch we went back and tried on the final ones where Gin proceeded to loose it and pronounce, “I hate dress shopping! Why does it have to be so hard?”  Which, at first, broke our hearts; she has been so motivated and determined during her tough exam schedule that we all thought a little therapy shopping would be good but then to hear this… well …

Then came the realization:  Gin has been officially initiated into a very exclusive woman’s club … The club that every woman really does not want to be a member of and would gladly surrender her membership card/dues to:  The-I-Have-To-Go-And-Find-A-Dress-And-I-Am-Dreading-It-Club. I realized this, it doesn’t matter what age you are or body type or anything like that, most women dread this kind of shopping.  Ask us to go shoe shopping, and we are there! But give us a very specific item to shop for and some of us would rather just slit our throats.

We were victorious and bought a dress from Kaiser’s department store from a lovely woman who gave us her card and said that if we ever needed anything to come back and ask for her.  Damn straight we will!

So, what does the dress look like? It’s not black and but it is beautiful but y’all just have to wait and see the posting for graduation.  And who’s all coming for Gin’s graduation you wonder?  Well, all of the grandparents are traveling over and the elusive Olive is coming too!

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