Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday's Tin of the Week

I really don’t have any tins that would represent Mother’s Day – I know, y’all are shocked!

So I chose one that Vermouth really likes.  Olive saw this and passed it along to me. 

Vermouth loves Paul Frank's silly little monkey

Vermouth gets a shout out on this eve of Mother’s Day as she was born 17 years ago, on Mother’s Day.  It doesn’t happen often – this is only the 3rd time – which her birthday falls on Mother’s Day.  It only makes this a more special day when these 2 events collide. 

Happy Mother’s Day-slash-Happy Birthday Vermouth!
The Martini Knitter

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Vermouth, for Mother's Day! I have a Mother's Day son - well, sort of - whose birthday is on Monday! Enjoy your day both of you! Love the tin this week. Deirdre