Friday, May 24, 2013

I've Been Quiet ... But Productive

I noticed that I have been a little quiet lately with my blogging and I can only say that I get a little quiet and start to go into organization over load when we are about to have visitors.  And since I haven’t had all the grandparents in one room together since Vermouth’s baptism I would have to say that I am rather impress with myself that I am still knitting! 

I have learned so much about knitting my wrap for Gin’s graduation well, to be more specific, I learned a lot about “blocking lace.”  I finished the wrap and blocked it; and mine turned out just like a lady’s on Ravelry. I tried adding the link to show you, but she doesn’t share her work publically, so y’all will just have to take my word for it; and hers is just beautiful!  Mine didn’t grow like the original designer’s did and I thought I did something wrong and I did; I just didn’t block it correctly. But I didn’t know that, so of course I ripped it out and thought I will have to add 2 more repeats of the pattern work to get it to the size I wanted (I have plenty of the yarn so I wasn’t too worried).  To me this wasn’t a huge mistake but borders on stupid, as I should know by now that I should talk to Olive or Christina when learning a new technique instead of forging ahead with the ripping out process …

Good news is that when Olive arrives next Wednesday our first order of business will be to block my wrap and also that my new “blocking wires” - at the advice of Christina - arrived yesterday. So I will post a photo of the wrap and the wires next week when I have it all spread out. 

I also started another sweater because the weather this spring has been absolute crap!  Just to prove my point, the weather people are calling for snow today at 500 meters!  It’s May for crying out loud; not February!  I “hibernated” my "Tangled Yoke Cardigan" because even though the weather is crap, the wool in this sweater will be too warm still. So I casted-on my “Basel Summer Cardigan” (Rocky Coast Cardigan) and its been such a fast knit!  It has this 8 row repeat and it just knits itself because I am constantly thinking, “Oooo if I just finish Row 1 or 5…” which has the cable work and this why it becomes fast.

I added this photo because you can see the
gray cold weather in the background

I added this shot so that y'all could see the detail of
the pattern work

Let’s see … I have also made 4 skirts from my all-time favorite skirt pattern, Amy Butler’s Barcelona skirt, which I haven’t had a chance to wear because of the weather ... 

And I made these 2 little guys that The Shaker, Gin and Vermouth gave me for Mother’s Day.  I know that send Lego gifts all the time to my nephews but this is really the first time I sat down and did one on my own and the parts are really small!

They are named for the main characters in Disney’s The Emperor’s New Groove; the Alpaca one is called “Kuzco” even though Kuzco turns into a llama in the movie and the sheep is called “Pacha” who has a sweater knitted crocheted by his wife from Alpaca.

So I may be quiet but I’ve been very productive …

The Martini Knitter

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QuotingCarol said...

Love the sweater. You are an amazing knitter!