Friday, April 5, 2013

Sometimes a Mistake Can Work in One’s Favor

For once a mistake has worked in my favor.  If my father is reading this, then you will learn that the beautiful sweater that I just knitted for you has a minor mistake. 

Last year while Olive was visiting, I wrote a posting about a yarn shop that is near the train station in Freiburg, Germany.  Here, I fell in love with this tweedy olive green yarn by Zitron called Mistral.  But there were only 10 skeins; I just had to have it so I bought all 10.  I bought Ann Budd’s book The Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns a few years ago, and I thought that this would be the perfect “go to book” for this yarn.  I made a 42-inch chest size for my dad because he wears his sweaters on the big side and as he likes to layer his clothing. I got my gauge to 4 stitches to the inches and I was off knitting.  Until … 

So the sweater is constructed from the bottom up.  I got the body done mainly while riding the tram here (I was guaranteed 6 completed rounds every time I rode the tram).  Then I moved onto the sleeves and then to the connecting part.  Here’s where the sweater really came together.  But …

I got to the where there is now striping in the sweater.  That was not planned.  The sweater was just supposed to be the nice olive green tweed.  But I am happy that I ran out of yarn.  I just needed one more skein.  The pattern called for 1,040 yards of yarn; according to my yarn label, I had 1,090.  I always by an extra skein, but in this case I was living on the edge and well, I guess you could say I fell off.  I knitted up to about 3 red stripes counting from the bottom before declaring: “I don’t have enough yarn.”  So after a night of “yarn nightmares” the ones where I am running to the yarn shop, but they have moved, across town and I don’t know where exactly they are.  Another one was I had to do something with friends before I could go to the yarn shop and they were about to close.  You get the dream sequences; and that went on all night!  In the morning, I made it to my local yarn shop, Wollare and I spoke a little German and I bought 2 skeins of red to finish off my dad’s sweater, now titled “Swiss Army Raglan.” I even added a little red crochet edge around the sleeves and bottom of the sweater for a little extra pizzazz.

Olive and my dad
and he wore the sweater everyday during my visit!
But if you look at my project sheet for this sweater, you will see that I started this sweater in July 2012.  I also hibernated this sweater twice during its production.  That’s because I wanted to give it to my dad for his birthday in October.  But my brother and sister said wouldn’t it be nice to give dad an iPad for his birthday and would I go in on that.  My dad loves his computer but it’s heavy to travel with when he comes to see his grandchildren.  So, of course, that was far more practical for him.

But then when he told me that he would be visiting my sister at the same time that we would be visiting her and Olive, this was a knitting moment that I just couldn’t pass up.  I even brought him his very own Tin of the Week tin. 

The Martini Knitter

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Sandy said...

AWESOME! Sweater look great and Dad is cute! By way are you 2 drinking there something wrong, lol.