Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Random Thoughts

Martini/Olive Shot Glass

First and super important … Canadian Yoga Girl just got back from Canada and she said, “Yes!” to me hijacking and keeping her martini/olive shot glass.  Woo hoo! Canadian Yoga Girl said on Facebook that  “It did look happy in it’s new home” and also, it did truly represent Olive’s and mine friendship. 

Sky Scarf

I am all caught up.  Though I did take the sky from Olive’s beach house in North Carolina.  I wasn’t sure if I was suppose to take the sky from Basel, where I am living or where ever in the world I am visiting. So I went with, wherever I am, then there I am with the sky. Also, the Swiss have said that this is the grayest winter on record – lucky me!


I have been sick for over a week now with a bad head cold and I have just had enough of this bleeping thing; plus I have had no martinis!  Though I did get in trouble with Olive yesterday for casting on another project.  I just said to her that I am happy that Twisted Knitters and others have told me that lace knitting looks ugly in the beginning.  It’s the ”ugly duckling effect:” lace knitting has to go through the ugly duckling phase in order to become a beautiful swan at the end after blocking.  

I have the neck band and one repeat
completed so far

This is what I get in return from her last night:

Olive's BBF section

We are making the BFF Cowl.  I will cast mine on today! I was just planning on having mine ready for her when she comes in June for Gin’s graduation.  Now this will really wind her up now.  Note to Olive: No I am not throwing you under the bus again; so no need to “bbm” that to me.

Mini Martini Set

The Shaker’s mom found this while on vacation in South Carolina.  The Shaker came up with idea of giving one to our cat. 

Thank you! May I have another?

Sleeping it off ...

Thanks Foley!

While seeing my sister, she had a shopping bag with our hometown on it!  I asked how she got it and she said (our dad’s drinking buddy), “Foley got it for me.”  So I snapped a photo with my phone and emailed it to him asking him if he would be willing to trade a Pleasanton bag for a Swiss shopping bag.  He said, “You got a deal!”  So yesterday my Pleasanton bag arrived and I can’t wait to take it out … shopping! 

The Martini Knitter

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