Monday, April 15, 2013

Oh! The Guilt ...

Nothin’ like a little family guilt to get me knitting!

Before heading out to North Carolina to see my sister and her family (and Olive), I knitted 3 pairs of socks for my sister and 1 pair each for my nephews.  As most of you know, I like knitting with wool.  I love the way that wool just grabs at its self and just hangs on for practically dear life.  I am not fond of the way that cotton or other plant fibers stretch over time. So a few days before my departure my sister and I had one of those heart to heart discussion: her husband would love a pair of socks. 

These are how they turned out:

Here’s my pledge: I will never make that mistake again.  And here’s my thought process on why I didn’t make my brother-in-law a pair of socks:  North Carolina can be pleasant in the springtime but super hot in the summer, so I ask, why would my brother-in-law want a pair of 100% wool socks??? Like I said earlier, trust me, I will never make that mistake again (he’s a lawyer).

So here enters my sister’s oldest child, right on cue:  “Aunt Sarah, did you know that I just love my new socks? I love them so much, that I would just love another pair.  Did you know it’s my birthday in a few weeks?”  Hint taken directly between my eyes.  Off to the local yarn shop I go …

Olive took me to The Salty Sheep in Swansboro, North Carolina.  Can I just say, “Knitting heaven!”  I have spoken to the owner, Peggy, several times on the telephone to order gift certificates.  So it was nice to go into the shop and meet her face-to-face.  

My nephew's birthday socks

But I didn’t just walk out of The Salty Sheep with a pair of socks for my nephew; I also walked out with yarn for a sweater from my brother-in-law who really liked my father’s new sweater.  Basically, I got “double-teamed” in the shop by Olive and my father. 

Olive: “Don’t panic. This knits up really fast.”

My dad:  “I’ll buy.”

So how can I pass that up??? A fast knit and my father is buying the yarn.  This did not take a rocket scientist’s equation in order to say, “Yes, wrap it up!”

And before anyone from my brother’s family reads this post and starts saying, “Hey, what about me?”  I remembered that Vodka’s youngest son has a pair of slippers that I knitted for him 2 years ago.  I am afraid to ask what state they are in and so yes, I am knitting a pair of socks for him as well.  So, enough with the guilt!  I should be knitting!

Therapy session – over!
The Martini Knitter

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