Thursday, April 4, 2013

Canadian Yoga Girl: Can I Keep It???

Honestly, I am not one to go through people’s cupboards/cabinets … but if one is opened … like where I found this gem of an item … then I can guarantee you a squeal of delight from me.

We were invited to Weekend Warrior Guy’s home this past weekend for Easter.  (Canadian Yoga Girl is off gallivanting around - you guessed it - Canada.)  We were supposed to BBQ steaks and drink really good red wine but we came back instead from the US to find the weather at a high of 1C for Easter Sunday.  So Weekend Warrior Guy changed the menu from BBQ to his homemade specialty, spaghetti sauce, and it was specular!  And, yes, we still drank really good red wine. 

So when the spaghetti was ready, we all came into the kitchen to “dish up” when one of his cupboards was opened.  I just happened to look up and I saw this shot glass sitting among the other shot glasses. 

I said, “OMG! Where did you get this???” 

Weekend Warrior Guy: “Oh that; I forgot we had that.  You should have it.”

Me:  “Oh no.  I can’t take that Canadian Yoga Girl will kill me if I take this.”

Weekend Warrior Guy:  “No she won’t.  She probably forgot that we have that.”

Here I must interject … I know, almost all of my shot glass collection.  So if The Shaker said to someone, “She probably forgot that she has that …” Well, I am sure you can connect the dots on what I would have to say about that. So in reference to Weekend Warrior Guy’s last statement to Canadian Yoga Girl: his words, not mine!

This shot glass totally represents
Olive's and I's friendship
contained in this tiny little shot glass!

So to Canadian Yoga Girl … Can I keep it? Oh please! Can I keep it??? I promise to love it and feed it and take really good care of it! I even gave it a bath before having its photo shoot!  

And look how happy it is among my shot glass collection …

And here ... in The Shaker's bar ...

Please ...
The Martini Knitter 

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