Monday, March 4, 2013

Weapon of Choice: Shiny Black Duct Tape

It’s prom season, again and with this comes the panic of zippers coming undone or just flat out breaking.  After last year’s ordeal with Gin’s prom dress, I wasn’t taking any chances.  I came prepared this year.  Yes, I did take the dress back and asked the shop if they could repair the zipper.  Of course the shop was very accommodating and repaired the zipper.  However, when the dress came back, I did ask Gin (repeatly) to try on the dress to make sure all was fine with the dress and the zipper. This was her response, “Mom! I am sure it will be fine.” Ah, how you just gotta love mother/daughter dynamics!

Well, Vermouth needed a dress as well and we bought her a beautiful flattering dress.  Again, the zipper thing was scaring me. I just had that urge to arm myself (and my girls) with duct tape to ward off any “evil zipper splitting spirits.”  I needed my trust shiny black duct tape as my weapon of choice!

I just knew deep down in my gut that if I didn’t go on the quest for shiny black duct tape, that I would be inviting the “evil zipper splitting spirits” to reek havoc on my daughters’ dresses.  I went to one store and found it instantly.

I will say this: both dresses went on beautifully and without a hitch! Whew!  But get this, Gin told me that this “duct tape repair” thing is not uncommon on Prom nights.  This happens more often than people think!  The same thing happened to a girl who is a year older than Gin last year, and, yup, she used duct tape to secure her dress!  So I told Gin put this in your handbag because you never know, one of your friends tonight just might a little duct tape!

Gin and Vermouth 
But, sadly, we are not out of the woods yet … yup, we now have to go on the hunt for a graduation dress.  But I will say this, come graduation night I will be armed with my shiny black duct in case anyone needs it. 

The Martini Knitter

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