Monday, March 18, 2013

Quiz Night and The Tanqueray Twelve

Right before Canadian Yoga Girl took off with Weekend Warrior Guy for their family ski holiday for the Fasnacht break, I got a What’s App message saying check my email.  The message started with, “Who’s in for Quiz Night?” (or something like that).  Then the messages started flying.  We needed a name and theme. 

The Shaker is not given the credit of naming the team unlike our family hockey team days in Holland called, “Team Gin and Tonic.”  But still, as always, we managed to find a great group of friends on this tour who like to drink gin and tonics too; and, on occasion, a martini or two along our ex-pat journey.  So the name of our team is “The Tanqueray Twelve” (given the name by either Mr. Tanqueray or Ned, I think, but not totally 100% sure). Which oddly enough is hard to find here in Basel.  Bombay Sapphire I can find all over town but I can only find Tanqueray it in only one liquor store here in Basel, Paul Ulrich.

For Quiz Night, you are expected to dress the part of your theme.  I have to admit I was a little nervous about what to wear when we had our “strategy session evening” in our Whiskey Corner.  But then the idea came about cocktail attire.  Different dress styles and themes were in the discussion.  But for The Shaker and I, it was a no brainer: we dressed like Mad Men characters.  The Shaker as “Lane Pryce” and me, well, I wish I had Office Manager, Joan Holloway’s boobs.  But I tried my part. 

I gave up a weekend of knitting to go out, find a fabric shop and make a skirt.  My new knitting buddy here told me where to go and said that the prices would not shock me.  Ok, the prices were not JoAnn Fabric kind of prices, but still I didn’t suffer at all from “sticker price shock.”  But I didn’t have to make just one skirt; nope, I had to make 2. I had to make the actual skirt and then the petticoat as well.  I found a nice black stiff taffeta and then a nice simple lining along with tulle to make the skirt really puffy. 

The Shaker on the other hand got really lucky.  He has his dad’s vintage sport’s coat and matching vest (or what my UK buddies refer to as a “waistcoat”). 

Quiz Night was held last Saturday night.  We had to decorate our table in our theme so we decided to decorate it with the botanicals found in gin. 

Our table and Mr. Tanqueray showing off
his special Tanqueray selection

At the start of the evening
Canadian Yoga Girl is on the far left with the silver top
Weekend Warrior Guy is behind the blond wig lady,  Dr. Psychiatry
and Basel Running Chica is next to her.  The Shaker and I are right behind
Mr. Tanqueray

Then the Quiz started. There were 9 categories ranging from Globetrotters, Geography, Arts and Literature, Science and Technology, Music from the 80’s and Switzerland.  We knew that between The Shaker and Weekend Warrior Guy that we would smoke category, “Music from the 80’s,” but oddly enough we got all 10 questions right in the “Switzerland” category.  I, personally, only knew 2 in this category but I feel like I contributed.  I was over the moon when the question “Who wrote the Life of Pi?” that I was really excited. That was my book selection for my Holland Book Club so I couldn’t resist sending a text to Reader-Extraordinaire at the end of the evening telling her about the book question.  There were also 2 Dutch questions about the Dutch Paint Masters, Rembrandt (The Night Watch) and Van Gogh; both of which The Shaker got right and I got only one.  (FYI – Van Gogh only sold 1 painting in his lifetime, it was Red Vineyards near Arles).

The Shaker sat across the table from me next to our transcriber, Mr. Tanqueray and Canadian Yoga Girl.  I sat next to Basel Running Chica, where we both thought that if we didn’t answer our questions right, our Captain, Canadian Yoga Girl was going to fire us!  But we managed to hold our own and were over the moon every time we got an answer right. 

Then came to the end of the evening for the announcement of who the winner was.  There was a tie for 3rd place between 3 teams, and when our name wasn’t announced we thought, “Oh, good on us for trying.  Let’s have a G&T.”  Then came the announcement for 2nd place, again not us.  And then … finally, the announcement for first place.  We won!  By one point I am told!  The Tanqueray Twelve won Quiz Night!   We even got a prize:  movie tickets!

Our Winning Team

Woo hoo!
The Martini Knitter

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