Monday, February 4, 2013

Oh Yeah! Look At Me ... Finishing My Projects!

For a pretty busy week I managed to finish 2 projects this past week, started the color work on my Adelaide cardigan and fix an existing completed project. Woo hoo!

I finished my beret hat just in time for the cold snap to be no more (but only for the moment) and my Topiary Scarf that I know I will wear almost daily.  And like in any knitting project, there is sometimes a need for a good ol’ knitting rant!

I have learned something important about the Topiary Scarf and “chart” knitting/reading.  I would rather “read” descriptions than “chart” knitting because in written descriptions designers will for the most part write out exactly what stitch is suppose to be performed on that row.  Except in this case:  there was too much to write and I just wanted to knit!  So what I did is grab some graft paper and I charted the Topiary Scarf out exactly how it would be knitted up.  Meaning this:  if the stitch was suppose to be a “knit” stitch on the chart, then it got a blank box – regardless of what the instructions said about the wrong side of the work.  If the stitch was supposed to be a “purl” stitch, then it got a “dash” in the box. Nowhere is it written in my chart, “On the wrong side of your work, reverse the knit stitches to purl stitches and the purl stitches to knit stitches.”  So I ask this all-encompassing question, why??? Where is it written to a designer that this must be a steadfast rule of designing charts?  It is way to confusing to me and I have decided that I am just not going to look too deeply into this – I would rather just knit. I spent about 20 minutes redoing the chart in “my method” and saved hours upon hours of ripping out.  Even though y’all know I love to rip out my work, I will have to disappoint you by saying that for once that didn’t happen in this project!

And I fixed my Sheep Heid hat.  I have discovered that I like a neater edge to my hats.  This is where, again, I can see Olive rolling her eyes and laughing out loud at me.  My Boston-Red-Sox-Fan friend will completely understand me when I say I just didn’t like the looseness of the ribbing around my head.  I like my hats to fit a little tighter and neater around my head. 

But if you look to the right of this posting and scroll down to “on my needles” here is where my head is hanging. I swore I wouldn’t cast on any more projects until I finished the majority of them on the list.  But what can I say? Oh well … I casted on some socks for my sister; they are almost done.  So does that really count, if they are almost done???  And if anyone wants to be technical, I haven’t even casted on the “Simple Straight Skirt for Gin!”

And, oh! my Adelaide sleeve … 

The Martini Knitter

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Anonymous said...

For someone who is allegedly "slightly inexperienced", you are now starting to speak in a language I don't understand! I think you have to change that little phrase under your heading! But it's all good!


P.S. Any special hats for your friend with longish dreadlocks?! Nothing goes over my head!