Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday's Tin of the Week

Because it’s still February, I found one more love tin in my stash this past weekend.  I say “love” like this this, “loooooove,”  Really draw it out, almost Southern style.

The Martini Knitter  

Monday, February 25, 2013

My Fasnacht Mittens

Last week was Fasnacht here in Basel which is a 3 day event where, basically, the Swiss play “guggemusik” (consisting of piccolos and drums which pretty much sounds like American Revolutionary/Fourth of July kind of music), have parades, throw confetti and, oh of course, eat and drink beer all in order to drive way the winter spirits.  Click here for Wikipedia’s explanation/overview of Fasnacht.

So The Shaker, Vermouth and I got up at the un-godly hour of 2:45 am on Monday morning (Morgestraich), dressed and met friends* downtown by 3:15am in order to see the city lights go out, the lanterns become lit, and the music start playing.  (Gin, who never went to sleep in the first place, was already downtown with her friends).

I knew that it would be cold at 4:00 am for the “Morgestraich” and I had nothing to wear on my hands.  Ok, that is not really true, but being true to my personality, I needed a new pair of mittens!  Everyone else has a pair but me.  Ok, enough with the whining …

Side note:  one of our many family mottos is this: “We don’t do whine, we just drink wine.” I know, words to live by!

Nothing like an event like Fasnacht for me to get out another set of knitting needles and some yarn that I bought … oh, back last summer when Olive was visiting. I had the pattern already picked out:  Jared Flood’s Woodruff.    

I love them. They knitted up really fast even though my Ravelry project page said that they took 3 days for me to knit.  I would say that each mitten took about 3 to 4 hours to knit. The hand part fit very nicely around my hands and my fingers stayed toasty warm.  The cuff part was a little long which went up past my watch on my wrist but that just meant no draft was going up my arm either. 

This is outside/top part of my mitten

This is the inside.
I didn't add texting thumbs as I didn't want to take away
from the design

So did the beating off of the winter spirits work?  Sort of … we had 3 beautiful sunny days of Fasnacht and  … then on Friday the cold and snow came back. But it’s sunny today … so maybe it just takes a while to beat off those winter spirits.

The Martini Knitter

*Still working out a name for these guys - you know who you are and I know that you will be far more creative coming up with your own name than I ever could.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday's Tin of the Week

Look who is trying to muster in on my tin of the week concept!  

No comment …
The Martini Knitter

Friday, February 15, 2013

Leopard Print Socks

You know those inside jokes between people and you try explaining it to others? This would be one of them, so here it goes …

Let me start by saying that The Shaker is a single child.  There is times that he just stares at Gin and Vermouth trying to understand “siblings and there ever changing dynamics.”  I am one of three.  I am the middle, as my sister-in-law likes to put it, “I am the Jan Brady of my lot.” (lol)  My brother is the oldest and my sister is the youngest.  My sister hasn’t been feeling well lately and one day a few weeks back, The Shaker and I “just popped” into the local yarn.  Some yarn literally caught his eye and he said, “You must buy this and makes socks for your sister and tell her that they are from me!”  So, if my sister is reading this, I can hear you, saying very loudly and drawn out, “Oh heck no!” (insert other word for heck – just trying to keep it clean).

I think this all started around 1999/2000 (or even further back), The Shaker started pointing out everything with brown leopard print and saying that we should get that for my sister as a joke. Now I have to say this, my sister never leaves the house in ratty sweats; she always leaves looking fashionable and accessorized.  Unlike me, where I could careless who sees me in my sweats at the local grocery store (noticed I omitted “ratty” when referring to myself)!  It’s a joke and now that leopard print is in fashion, my sister absolutely refuses to wear any leopard print at all, all because of The Shaker needles her all the time.  His reason is: “I never had a sister to needle/bug while growing up.”  I just roll my eyes and say, “Whatever…”

So I knitted up a pair of Leopard Print Socks to cheer her up.  They were super easy and super fast is all that I can say.  Also, I love love love the heel – it’s called a “next step diagonal” on the Sock Wizard software program; the wrap and turns used make them look like a pair of socks you would be from a store. I understand that the heel flap is suppose to more durable but I like the way the stitches travel on the sides of the heel in a diagonal way.

And here is my disclaimer to my sister:  I am only the knitter - not the instigator.  If they have brought a smile to your face then The Shaker has accomplished his task in making you smile.  He tells me that he won’t mention leopard print again as long as you wear the socks.

The Martini Knitter