Sunday, January 13, 2013

I'm Going to Finish What I Started

I am sitting in my sewing room, or as The Shaker calls it “The Cave,” looking around my quiet surroundings.  The house is quiet as everyone sleeps and yet this room could stress anyone out.  So I ask the question, “How was your holiday break? Nice and relaxing? Go anywhere?”  Mine was calm, relaxed and got some knitting done. I started and finished a pair of mittens for Canadian Yoga Girl.

I included this not-so-great photo to prove that I
completed the pair 
And yet, like I said in the beginning, my sewing room could stress any task-oriented achiever out.  I have 5 unfinished projects in my direct view.  There are 3 that are to my side and therefore out of site of my view. There is laundry to be folded that is to my right and a decent size ironing pile to be tackled to my left.

So next question, “Any New Year resolutions?”  I met by buddy, Olive, originally in a quilting group in Raleigh, North Carolina.  So we have heard the standard New Year’s resolution statement “I won’t buy anymore fabric.”  That’s a no brainer one for me: when I was living in Holland, quilting fabric was approximately €16 to €18 a meter and yarn is far more cheaper than this.  And now that I seem knit more than I quilt, there is the standard resolution from knitters who say, “I won’t buy any yarn this year.”  I won’t even make that pledge.  Why set myself up for failure? But I will say this … I am determine to finish what I have started. 

And even Olive can’t argue with this statement, including Cosmo (who is another quilting buddy/knitting buddy that I have known about as long as Olive) I think I have 8 projects currently on needles, but I know that I will finish these projects.  I would say that 95% of the time, I finish what I start.  In quilting I hardly “frogged” a project that was nearly finish – as most of you know, I “frog” (rip it, rip it out) all the time in my knitting to point where it just doesn’t frighten me anymore.

Confession time:  I just checked what I have on my needles and … um … I have 12 projects currently on needles.  But never fear! I am going finish these.

And what am I starting with to achieve this goal?  I am starting with December’s 2011 (yeah, that’s right, 2011), “24 Days Until Christmas” project.  I started Day 9 on Friday and got stuck.  So I went to the Group’s discussion page on Ravelry* to find the answer to my question that I know has been asked by another knitter already and sift through the pages and pages of discussion. I got lucky! I only had to read to comment #70 on Day 9’s posting to find my answer.

I originally decided to do this project with Olive and the Twisted Knitters.  Of course, Olive has already finished hers; I think she even finished it on Day 24.  I also think that this is one my first KAL (knit-a-long) with the Twisted Knitters that I wanted to join.  Furthermore, I have been asking myself all weekend, why did I put this project down?  I have no clue but I have learned a valuable lesson … For me, when I join a KAL, I have to stay on top of it because if I don’t and I have a question it is very hard to go back, a year later in my case, and ask for help. And for these ladies, “24 Days Until Christmas” project was 8 to 10 projects ago which is way out of the realm of reasonable question and answer time. 

That's Day 9 at the top and Day 8
is just below it

Day 1 through Day 9
So I am starting off with something achievable right off the bat. What’s the worst that can happen … December 2011, 24 Days Until Christmas project could be done in 2014!

The Martini Knitter

*If you tried clicking on the link for the discussion page, it may not let you see the discussion thread unless you have a Ravelry account.  But, trust me, there are over 350 comments just for the Day 9 alone.

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