Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday’s Tin of the Week

I have been thinking about what I have been doing for the past few weeks because I have noticed the lack of blogs coming from me.  It’s mainly due to the holidays and that I have to get my packages into the in order to make our gifts arrive on time for Christmas in the US. 

So I have not been knitting much not as much as I would like.  But I have started to do some holiday baking.  We went to a party last Saturday night and the hostess asked if I could bring something nibble.  So I thought, hey I will make fudge.  Well … but … the fudge was simply a disaster. I made Alton Brown’s version of fudge because it was made without marshmallows.  I also own a really nice candy thermometer but that didn’t matter in the least because the fudge didn’t set; and I have no clue why!  I reached the 234 F on the candy thermometer but still …  So here’s my excuse - it could have been my ingredients; butter and flour are both very different here in Europe compared these same ingredients in the US. Also, Olive could attest to this theory as well as she has had a similar experience of using US recipes with European ingredients.

Anyway, I ran back to the “vortex” (aka, my computer), “googled” fudge again and scrolled down to find a nice selection from Martha Stewart.  I made her “Simple Chocolate Fudge” version and it turned out perfect!  (Can I just say how very happy I am that Martha is out of prison???) Even Gin and Vermouth agreed that it was good.  I made another batch yesterday just for them. 

But back to Tuesday’s Tin of the Week … I love Peppermint Bark.  The Shaker traveled to the US last year and brought back Peppermint Bark especially for me.  The girls don’t really care of the taste of mint and chocolate together (in the words of Vermouth, “whatever”).  I ate “the bark” and kept the tin.  In all fairness to Tuesday's Tin of the Week, this tin was kept long before the idea of "Tin of the Week" started and this week my fudge has a nice home in this tin. 

The Martini Knitter


Grace said...

My family has not had too much luck making classic fudge without marshmallows either; we always end up going back to the marshmallow fluff recipe. Glad to hear that the second batch worked out well though, looks pretty tasty!

sandy said...

Cute tin, but like your other families not for me. I'm actually not a chocolate lover, I know...weird. I do enjoy peanut butter fudge a few times a year; but that's about it. Sorry you had troubles with fudge. I boycott all things connected to Martha, refuse to use her recipes, buy anything she's taking credit for by adding her name etc. That poncho she made and took credit for and made money from....not her idea at all, the other gals in prison, who came up with the idea, and the pattern, and taught her to crochet. She annoys me big time. Talks about being a good homemaker...hello Martha, you're divorced so perhaps you don't have the answers AND who couldn't make something homemade with a staff of...., wow, too early in the morning to get so riled, I just really can't stand the woman. Didn't like her before she got rich of the backs of others, and disliked her even more when she picked up right where she left off after being in prison. Hope you items get to their destinations on time here in The US.