Monday, December 24, 2012

Still Procrastinating ...

For some reason, all of a sudden, I have found time to knit.  The Shaker, Gin and Vermouth are all, officially, on holiday break.  Gin has even finally finished her rough draft of her extended essay – which I can say was no easy feat.  Because of this, Gin has even inspired me to get over my procrastinating 

With the holiday break, I can, finally, sleep in but I am finding that I can’t sleep past 7:30 am; and it’s not for a lack of trying either. I just find myself wide-awake and so I start to think … the house is asleep; no one is after me to get something/do something. So I have found about 2 hours, for the past 3 days to knit – uninterrupted! 

Look how far I have gotten on Gin’s Roam Tunic by Amy Christoffers (Interweave Knits, Fall 2012).  And then check this out! I found this IOU from Knit Picks … Just in case anyone else needs it …

This is the back ... completed!

And this is the front. I finished the pocket
including the whipstitching on the inside

And finally, let’s not, for one second, think that I have cycled out of my “procrastination 2011 holiday phase” … I found these mittens to knit!

The Martini Knitter 

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