Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Done! And On Time!

I have to say that I have been knitting non-stop on The Shaker’s “Brownstone” by Jared Flood for his anniversary gift. And I did it without any midnight panic attacks!  For those of you who may not have known this, last year I made socks for The Shaker.  But the sad thing was that I was only able to complete one sock by our anniversary.  So I was on a mission to rectify this discrepancy this year!  This is also when I learned that The Shaker had this whole Black-Jack-21-year theme planned out in his minds – hence the reason why I chose a black and gray yarn for his Brownstone pullover. I also said that blocking may or may not occur.  But I even managed that and it blocked up beautifully. Thank you Cascade Eco Alpaca!

But … of course … I wouldn’t have gotten “Black Jack” this year if it weren’t for The Shaker having a business trip planned this past week. Hence the true reason why I didn’t have those midnight panic attacks.

This year there was really no theme planned in our anniversary gifts to each other (normally, there isn’t) except for maybe saying “buy Swiss.”  Last week we jointly chose a nice basket to take to friends’ homes carrying a bottle of wine and a appetizer.  And I got a brand (slightly) new handbag from Freitag.  I say slightly new as the bags are made from recycled truck tarps from here in Europe.  The Shaker bought me the Hawaii Five-0 handbag that I have to say I have been patiently waiting to buy!  When it comes to handbags, I really have no patience.

It's in the mail as I type!

The Martini Knitter

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