Thursday, November 8, 2012

45 Buttons!!!

When I was in elementary school I would start every school year with a new sweater that my grandmother crochet for me.  Each year it would be a different color that she chose and I would wear it, literally, to death.  But something that I remembered about all of these sweaters, were the buttons.  They were covered.  And I remember them looking similar to a wagon wheel motif. 

So I finished my Owls sweater by Kate Davies this past week, I knew that I would use buttons for the Owls’ eyes so I wanted something on the button band that would not detract from their eyes.  I wanted something understated.  So I wondered how my grandmother made those covered buttons? The Internet must have something! I couldn’t find what I was looking for even though I did find crochet button covers but that was wasn’t what I wanted.  I did find this post from Kathleen Cubley’s Knitting Daily's blog about weaving yarn around a button.

Which gave me an idea … while I was looking for 3 very understated brown buttons, I found flat buttons in my button jar that are probably used for reinforcing coat buttons.  And from here it gave me the idea of Ms. Cubley’s posting and “felting.”  So I gave my theory a try because, honestly what was the worst that could happen?  I would just have to use the 3 existing brown buttons that I chose for my backup plan.

So I took the flat button and wrapped the Cascade Eco yarn that I used in the sweater and wrapped it several times around the button till I was happy with the look.  I tied it off in the back, stuck these buttons into a mesh lingerie bag, and put it and a towel into the washing machine to felt.  They turned out beautifully! 

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3 - wrapped the yarn around until I was happy
with the result and then I simply tie it off
Then for the eyes, I used Fimo clay and blended 3 colors together to get the marble look I wanted. 

The back of the sweater
And finally, I spent 90 minutes sewing 45 buttons on to my Owls sweater.  I really don’t like sewing on buttons.  I like shopping for buttons but I really don’t like the process of sewing them on to the finished garment.  I have no clue why; I even contemplated over this while typing this post and couldn’t come up with good plausible reason.  If a button falls off, I will not sew it back on until I am literally running out the front door!

The Martini Knitter

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Grace said...

Ooo I love your sweater! Really clever idea with the buttons, they turned out really well! I completely understand your aversion to button sewing. Last winter my pea coat was missing all the buttons and I just used the waist tie and held the top together! I finally buckled down and replaced them for this winter though.