Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday's Tin of the Week

This week’s Tin of the Week is a special one because today is my father’s 80th birthday. 

Growing up, my mother wore the pants in our family.  I don’t think my father ever crossed my mother’s ruling about anything.  But he did have one house rule that we all abided by  - Spam was never to pass through our front door.  My brother asked once if my mother could buy it because he was watching a television advertisement about all the ways a mother could prepare Spam for her family.  My father told us he could recite from memory all these ways and no one needed to try that out in our family.

Here’s the reason for my father’s boycott of Spam:  At the age of 7, my father, his parents, his brother and 2 sisters move from Ohio to Southern California.  He told us it took 3 months to make this journey and it was during the American Depression. When they stopped they would set up a tent to sleep in and would prepare Spam for every meal.  He said to this day, he can’t stand the smell of Spam! 

So when I found this tin – which again contains breath mints and not Spam -  I couldn’t resist buying him this!

The Martini Knitter

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