Friday, October 12, 2012

This is Normal???

A few weeks ago, I pulled out my Aran sweater that I am working on with Olive that we call “2 Sticks” and was about to resume working on it when I realized that I didn’t like the color I chose for this pattern.  But I have to admit that when Olive was visiting last spring and she pulled out her “2 Sticks” project, I liked the color that she chose  - a nice light color.  So this was weighing on my mind when I pulled mine out of its project bag to resume working on it.

I love the color green but not for this project.  But instead of telling Olive that I wasn’t happy, I thought I could just get away with buying another color and starting it again. 

So Olive calls me one day on her way to meeting with the Twisted Knitters and somehow we got on to the topic of our “2 Sticks” project.  I said, “Well … I have a confession.”  Olive’s response was this, “Sarah, what have you done now?” 

I told her. I came completely clean that I had chosen another color, gray, and have casted on and I will be caught up in no time.  She said, “Hang on! I have to put you on speaker phone.”  So yes, I had to tell everyone in the group that I ripped out and started all over again.  Well, one of the Twisted Knitters grabbed the phone from Olive and said that it was ok that I did this; that’s it quite normal to do this.  I have to say I was shocked to here that.  I never thought that someone would actually do this.  She said yes, you look at yarn and think this color would look really nice in this sweater pattern and then you start the project and boom!  It doesn’t look nice at all like you thought it would.  This made me feel so much better. 

This is where I currently am on the project

But back to Olive, I don’t think I have made her laugh so hard or smile so much than when I said that I ripped this sweater out and started all over again.

Before ...

After ...
And please do not fret about this green yarn just sitting in my stash without a project to go with it. I chose “Vine Yoke Cardigan” by Ysolda Teague.  But can I Iet you in on a secret that Olive doesn’t even know … I couldn’t’ make up my mind!  I had my mind circling for 3 days over what to make with this Brown Sheep’s Lamb Pride yarn and no, I haven’t casted on this sweater … yet ...

The Martini Knitter

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