Thursday, October 18, 2012

Luzern and Sammlung Rosengart

For the past 10 days, Gin and Vermouth have been on their school holiday.  However, with their current workload we could not travel as far as we would have like to have gone.  So we spent 3 wonderful days in Luzern.

I wasn’t going to say anything about this trip. We chose Luzern because it wasn’t too far to travel to, there were many things to do, and it was perfect for a 3-day get away. We literally put the tour guide book in charge and did everything it suggested … checked out the “transportation museum” called “Verkehrshaus der Schweiz,” walked through the Chapel Bridge and then on through the Old City, and finally, seeing the Lion Monument.  See where this is going? We didn’t want to make any decisions; we did exactly what the tour book told us to do.  Which is the kind of trip we were looking for – we wanted a vacation!

So of course the tour guidebook mentioned, in about 3 small paragraphs about the “Sammlung Rosengart” meaning the “Rosengart Collection.”  Literally, the tour guidebook said it housed a nice collection of works from Picasso and Klee and other modern artists. Nothing more, nothing less.  Their description was simple and to the point.  How my tour book got it all wrong!

It did explained in about 2 sentences that this museum housed a private art collection belonging to Seigfried Rosengart and his daughter, Angela Rosengart.  But along our route in the museum we stumbled upon a room that had a DVD interview with Angela Rosengart playing in it.  She spoke about her life, some of the art collection, and about moving this museum from its old location to its new location.  (The Rosengart Collection, I guess, used to be called the Picasso museum.) For instance, along our journey, we learned that Seigfried Rosengart knew Picasso very well and introduced the artist to his daughter, Angela.  So this put this museum in a whole new light.

They just didn’t collect Picasso’s artwork, they hung out with him and his wife Jacqueline!  There is a painting done by Picasso depicting him and Mr. Rosengart as well as many drawings and paintings of Ms. Rosengart done by Picasso as well. 

The Rosengart Collection also has a room full of beautiful black and white photographs by David Douglas Duncan depicting the day in the life of Picasso.  This is my first time at seeing a large collection of Picasso’s paintings in one location.  And what was striking about the photographs was that, on their own, they gave a sense of who Picasso was in his studio or doing simple things like picking up a paint jar or by just sitting with his friends and family.

Then to top it all off, towards the end of our tour, we saw Ms. Angela Rosengart herself.  She comes in daily to talk to the staff and to check on her collection.  The lady we spoke to say that Ms. Rosengart likes hearing and speaking with the people who visit her museum. (She comes in before lunchtime mostly).  I just thought it was cool to meet someone who has this huge passion for modern art and who is willing to share her passion with the whole world. I have to say, there is so much more I could say about this museum, but I feel like I will just ruin it!  In my opinion, the Sammlung Rosengart was by far the coolest thing we have seen/done in Switzerland.

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