Friday, October 19, 2012

Before The Holidays Are Completely on Top of Me

It’s been a year since Gin helped me established my blog.  It has been a simple thing and at times, “techno challenging,” as I call it. But it feels good to see approximately 120 postings and close to 15,000 clicks.  So … very humbly, thank you.

But I feel like I have come along way in my knitting  - from knitting a “sweater 3 times” to taking on a challenging Aran Sweater (“2 Sticks” with my bff Olive) to knitting a Fair Isle hat and, of course, along the way a few dreaded “frogging” projects.  I think also that knowing that I am writing this all down for the world to read also pushes me in my process of knitting.  But I have to admit, I am done processing, I just want to knit!

So with that in mind … comes the Anniversary/Christmas knitting projects.  One is for The Shaker and the other one is for Gin.

Now I noticed that the 2 projects that I will be knitting are for both The Shaker and Gin.  So I know you are asking, “Where’s Vermouth’s knitted gifts???”  I will refer you to this post from almost a year ago, where, literally, nothing has changed.  She is still my sock gal.

I will start with The Shaker’s gift.  I have chosen “Brownstone” by Jared Flood because when I met The Shaker, he had a maroon sweater just like Jared Flood’s!  Also, The Shaker swears that it was the best sweater he ever had!  But it got ratty and eventually, he got rid of it … I think …   I am using Cascade Yarns’ “Eco Alpaca” yarn to make this pullover.  Ok, I didn’t really chose the yarn, Olive did!  Olive chose the yarn because she had 3 skeins left over from a sweater that she had made and I bought the yarn off of her.  My goal is to be finished knitting by November 16th as technically, we will still be married for only 21 years at this point.  Marking our 21st wedding anniversary, The Shaker created a theme where all of the gifts he gave me this year went with a “Las Vegas blackjack 21” theme.  And since this yarn has a little black running through it, I thought it should be given a day ahead.  But knowing me, I will have it done by the time he comes on the 16th, not necessarily blocked …

And then, simultaneously, I will be working on Gin’s “Roam Tunic” by Amy Christoffers from Interweave’s KNITS Magazine (Fall 2012).   Can I just say that this is so Gin!!! But, I am living on the edge because the yarn I chose – Cascade Yarns’ “Baby Alpaca Chunky” - is 2-fold:  1) it’s gray and she loves gray as an accent color and 2) here’s the problem … it has light pink going through yarn fibers.  Gin has never been a fan of pink.  I don’t know why, she just never has.  Again, here’s where Olive comes in - when she was here last, she took Gin out shopping.  Olive told her that there is one simple rule with shopping with her today:  “You must try on something that you would never try on.”  It has become almost a mantra for Gin now when she shops.  So with keeping with this “new” mantra, I am going to attempt to sell Gin on a “hint of pink.” I know, I know … this could be like the Panbe Dress thing all over again!

The Martini Knitter

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Grace said...

Oooh both of these projects look nice; I really like both of the yarn selections! I cannot wait to see the finished items... happy knitting!