Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Knitter Should Never Explain Their Purchases

Over this past week there was much bantering back and forth over the email about knitting pattern purchases with the Twisted Knitters.  I will come clean and tell you that I bought … ok, wait, before I say I tell you I would like to say that I wasn’t planning to buy any yarn.  I was looking into my stash to see what I had and what I would like to make …  I have enough yarn from some leftover sweaters to make some hats or even possibly some scarves. 

We were planning to go away for a few days over the girls fall break from school.  But that kind of went out the window this weekend when Gin told us all of the schoolwork she needs to complete and let’s not forget she needs to complete her university applications.  So I was initially putting together travel knitting.  I am re-reading this and I love the way that I am really trying hard to justify the purchase of 9 hat patterns.  9 hats!

I will come clean and show what hat patterns that I selected for travel knitting.  Keeping in mind that 6 of these hats I have yarn for …

And since I am on this whole kick of confession, I should say that I casted on last week Sheep Heid.  But technically this isn’t my fault.  A person happened upon my blog and contacted me about my local yarn shops in Basel and where they were located.  We started a conversation back forth and they discovered another yarn shop.  However, I completely forgot about this yarn shop (so if you are reading this … oops … sorry!) They told me the area where this yarn was located and after a slight Google search I realized that I had been to this yarn shop, Spinx, and no less, with Olive!  It’s on the side of town that I don’t go to as often as I would like.  Olive and I had stopped off at Starbucks and once we left with our teas, we stumbled upon Spinx, which is about which is about 2 stores down. So, this is where I bought some really nice Alpaca fingering weight to make Kate Davies’ Sheep Heid hat.  

I am almost at the "centered double decreases"
But I have to agree with Twisted Knitters, “We don’t need to explain our purchases.”

The Martini Knitter

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