Friday, September 14, 2012

Woo Hoo for Finished Projects!

Woo hoo for me! I finished 2 project and while we had visitors.  Ok ... honestly ... they 99% done. 

First, I finished my “Team Apathy Socks #2” that I had started during the middle of London Olympics for The Shaker.  I am very pleased with the outcome but only because I finally caved in and bought sock blockers.  I just couldn’t get past the price of these on the Internet.  They sell for around $30 (USD) for one set.  But in my house, I need the small, medium and large kind and that is just to fit my family!  Gin (as well as Olive) has the tiniest feet, Vermouth and I have medium and then there’s The Shaker who wears a US 9-1/2 size men’s shoe so yes, one would think sock blockers are a one item need but not in my house.  However, I did get lucky.  I love the website Etsy.  (A family member turned me onto this site and I have never looked back!)  I found these sock blockers from Succaplokki.  What I love about them is that they really are durable and they are made from recycled plastic.  Plus they have that hole at the top that I put a ribbon through and then hung them to dry on my clothesline outside.

The other project I finished was my “Provence” sweater from Knitting in the Sun by Kristi Porter.  But the problem that I had with this project was reaching gauge.  The pattern called for Rowan’s Calmer yarn, but I used Classic Elite’s Summer Set.  I tried and tried to get gauge but just couldn’t.

Then I remembered a conversation that Olive and I had long ago about her explaining to me about adjusting the gauge to match another size description in a pattern.  This was on a Sunday morning and The Shaker was still sleeping but once he got up, I handed him his cappuccino and explained to him how gauge works.  I said that the gauge on the pattern has to be 22 stitches and it must equal 4 inches and I said can’t reach it.  I keep getting 18 stitches instead of the 22 stitches. I also said I refused to grip the yarn any tighter for fear of hand cramps. 

So The Shaker, in turned, took me back down memory lane to high school algebra class.  He explained ratios and conversion factors.  He helped me through the process and how the numbers worked.  He actually really got into this knitting project because he wanted to know if his math was proven right meaning that my sweater turned out in the size that I wanted and … it did!

So I was already to explain this and then one day I was on Ann Budd’s blog page and I saw that she has a link called “My Favorite Formula.”  I clicked on it and it is everything that The Shaker explained to me about conversions.  So thanks Shaker and Ms. Budd for helping me understand conversion!

The Martini Knitter

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Grace said...

Hooray for the sock blockers and finished items! The socks look really good as does the top!