Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday's Tin of the Week

This past weekend The Shaker and I were able to move in and organize our own spaces.  For him it was the office/guest room space and for me it was the sewing room.  He was so happy when he came across this tin that he came into the sewing room and said, “Close your eyes.”  When I opened them he said, “Look, I found next week’s Tin of the Week.”  So in honor of all of the unpacking and discovering of new hidden treasures is The Shaker’s Tin of the Week – I think it was from a golfing trip with his Scottish buddies:

Furthermore, I would like to take this moment to say thank you for your continue support of stopping by to check out my blog.  The move is nearly complete and hence the reason for my “blog silence.”  The moving guys come back today to pick up all of the empty boxes.  So therefore, I should be back and up and running in the coming days. 

Again, thank you for your continued support,
The Martini Knitter

PS: Today is the


Anonymous said...

You are very welcome - I look forward to your postings! Deirdre

Grace said...

I love your tin collection! We have a few interesting ones and it is so fun to see other people's collections!

The Martini Knitter said...

@Grace - I told my buddy, Olive, about your comment. She's glad that you're on board with us!