Friday, August 24, 2012

Introducing: The Whiskey Corner

I think I have finally survived yet another move.  Successful? Time will tell.  I don’t mind moving – I consider it a good general clean out.  But I will admit it can be frustrating I have been known to say shortly after all the boxes have been remove this: “Where’s that blah blah blah??? At the last house it was right here! At this house, I just can’t find it!”

At the last house, my favorite room was what we called “The Whiskey Room.”  Growing up my family home had a family room, a kitchen, a formal dining room and a formal living room. This living room was similar to the scene from the movie “The Cat in the Hat” with Mike Meyers, where Kelly Preston announces, “no one steps into the living room.”  Ok, in all fairness, if you were in my mom’s bridge group – you got in; if not, it was the family room for you. 

But in our last home in Holland, we had a family room and a living room.  Honestly, I think it was the first house ever where we had these 2 rooms.  The Shaker and I were discussing that this wasn’t going to be a room like with what we grew up with, the formal living room.  We wanted this room to be “gezellig” – a Dutch word meaning “cozy.”  It was far from formal – it was this mish-mash of furniture and it contained conversational things representing both countries – America and Holland.  It contained my “shot glass collection” (started by The Shaker from all of his travel destinations due to work) and my “salt and pepper shaker collection” (an idea given to me from Tasha’s father, a UK friend).  It had my desk from which I do most of my blogging from and a warm fireplace.  And lastly, it contained an antique bar that I bought The Shaker for his 40th birthday.  So it just naturally became known as “The Whiskey Room.” 

The qualities of these photos are not the best, but, sadly, it’s the only ones I could find: 

The Shaker's bar is on the other side of fireplace 
Then after we returned to Holland from house hunting trip last February, we told friends and family that we found a home in the city.  The natural question was “Is there a Whiskey Room?”  Sadly, there wasn’t.  We were back to the standard living space of having a kitchen, dining room and a family room.  But the family room area in our new home is huge! 

Of course the first order of business for the family room was where does the TV console go and then it was, naturally for us, was where does The Shaker’s antique bar go?  We have messed around with this living space for the past few weeks and have finally settled on splitting the living space into 2 sections: one containing the TV area and another part divided by the furniture to create The Whiskey Corner.  We hope that in the coming months that this will become our family’s favorite area once again. 

Our new Whiskey Corner with another great view

The Martini Knitter


Grace said...

What nicely decorated rooms! I hope you adjust to your new home soon! :)

Sandy said...

Glad you're getting settled in. Whew, last time I moved was 28 ish years ago, I was pregnant at the time. Guess we are stay putters compared to you. Whiskey corner is nice. Though I can see why you LOVED the whiskey room, looks very cozy indeed.