Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Sewing Room

This past weekend I spent most of my time in my sewing room.  I had to make curtains.  I don’t like making curtains at all. So even though these are from Ikea and the most of the battle is completed for me, I still moan at just having to turn up the hem.  Sorry for moaning straight away in this post.

Let me try this again, look at the first sentence, “I spent time in my sewing room.”  This is the part that I am really excited about.

Oddly enough, the sewing room at my last home was not my favorite room.  I don’t know why.  I could never quite put my finger on it.  The room only got the early morning sunlight and I was never in my sewing room in the early hours of the day to sew.  The room was nice and large, but something was just cold about it.  I moved furniture and bookshelves around all the time just trying to get a good feeling in it.  But it just never felt right.  And I have never had this feeling ever about a sewing room!  It might have been the size - it was larger than what I have been use to.  So much so, that it became a room to catch a lot of over flow things: it had a sink, so the girls used this corner to do their hair and makeup in the morning; a cabinet that held the linens and odds and ends.  So part of the room was sewing and the other part the “catch-all” area.  

In our new home, I have the smallest room in the house for my sewing - but it has the best afternoon sunlight.  I think it’s the smallness of the room that I like.  Since loosing The Whiskey Room in this move, I got the couch and I think this is what was lacking in the old room.  I finally have a place to sit and look at my quilting books and knitting patterns.  I also inherited the huge bookshelf that was in The Whiskey Room where my “salt and pepper shaker collection” and “shot glass collection” use to reside and in which they still do.  But there is not much room to maneuver in and this should really bother me, but for some it just doesn’t!

So even though the first thing I did after completing the unpacking was to hem curtains I still really enjoyed being in this room.  And for the first time, in a long time, I can’t wait to start hanging out in this room!

The Martini Knitter


Anonymous said...

Isn't that funny about the feeling of a room? I have it about the living room (!) here, I've never been able to get it to feel right, so, I hardly use it and use my "book room" instead!! Your sewing room looks cosy and the couch loves just right for all kinds of reading! Enjoy it lots! Deirdre

Grace said...

What a pleasant space! You are very lucky to have your own sewing room, no matter how small it may seem! Someday I would love to have a crafting room with plenty of space to organize everything! :)