Thursday, August 9, 2012

Just Add Water

I am my father’s daughter … when I get over stressed or my anxiety levels hit top levels, it is time to get out and exercise!

Last week, we decided to take some stuff over to the new place just to get it out of the way at the old place and to make the move a little easier.  Ok, I admit I decided that this should be done for my own sanity.  So of course, the night before my mind was racing all night long and no real sleep was happening.  And as a result tensions were a little high in The Martini Knitter’s household the next morning. 

When we first saw the apartment, the relocation guy said that this apartment came with the option of a pool -- meaning for an additional fee per month.  I said I would love the access of the pool but not the additional fee.  But no decisions needed to be made straight away and we could think about adding the pool to the rent.  It’s nothing fancy it’s just lap pool. 

It's not Olympic but it's perfect for me!

So while over eggs and bacon one morning, The Shaker ever so politely says to me, “Today while I am taking some measurements and hooking up the TV and Internet you will go and swim.”

I love swimming! I always have!  I think it’s because as a child growing up I had painful earaches resulting in “tubes” being put in my ears that were suppose to be there for one year and stayed in place for 7 years!  Having these tubes in my ears resulted in a full-on “Catch 22” situation – one side no more earaches and the other side no going under water.  

So yes, I took The Shaker’s advice and went swimming.  I swam for about 30 minutes and when I came out I was completely relaxed and feelin’ like a new woman!  That pool has been the best Swiss money we have spent to date!

When the girls noticed “the drastic personality change” they asked what happened?  He smiled and said, “Just add water!”

The Martini Knitter

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Anonymous said...

Lucky you! Nice way to relax. Deirdre