Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Shout Out to Team Apathy's Projects

Going against everything that Team Apathy stands for, I just have to give a shout to the team!  For a team that has a motto, “We don’t care if we finish or not” seriously has some talent!

For me, I have chosen a basic pattern and haven’t challenge myself too much as I would if it wasn’t the timing of the London 2012 Olympics and our move were not on top of each other.  But as I have told some of my fellow teammates, I chose my pattern because it was a simple pattern but slightly challenging with the changing of the colors.  Here's the challenge: to keep the changing colors on the inside to travel nicely and neatly from color change to color change.  I have finished one sock and have started the matching one ..

So here’s what some of my teammates are working on …

Irkalla, who is one of the team’s moderators, is making 6 pair of socks all at the same time.  Click here to see her progress and please note that these 6 pair of socks are all being constructed at the same time and on one long circular needle!  
This last pair I have added to my queue!  Can’t wait to cast on these tiny owls!

Some people have published on the Team Apathy’s progress page their work in progress and again, without getting into too much trouble from being overly enthusiastic, they are knitting some beautiful work! 

Here are some of the projects that some of the team has chosen to do:
And lastly, someone is making a project called “boobie pillow” by Stargazer.  Since I am still new to this whole blogging thing, you will just need to google this project to see it for yourself ...

But the most exciting thing I have learned so far is that I can received a "Badge of Glory" for completing my socks! Can you say motivation??? I can promise Gin that her socks will definitely be done before the Closing Ceremonies and will not wind up in the hibernation pile!

The Martini Knitter

*Note: Team Apathy's photo credit can be found here

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Sandy said...

Love the colors in your socks. Visiting today from Sandy's Space. Apathy, does that mean you're not watching the Olympics? Perhaps we need a special Olympic Martini? Now there's some food for thought. Saw you messaged me on RAV, but I blog so much more then RAV figured I'd visit you here instead. Beside blog traffic is always more fun.