Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday's Tin of the Week

Tomorrow is Swiss National Day.  I am sorry to say that I do not own a Swiss flag, yet.  Yet being the operative word here.  But this is what I have learned so far about living in this wonderful city and country:

  • Basel has 2 cantons: Basel-Land and Basel-Stadt.  The word “canton” is similar to “state” for my US compadres.  I live in Basel-Stadt; so therefore, this tin is the flag’s motif from the canton Basel-Stadt. 

  • Most famous Swiss personality – Roger Federer.  Since he is from Basel, I now watch tennis.

  • The Swiss have not received any medals yet in the Olympics but that could all change with the above fore mentioned …

  • Lacherach Chocolatier Suisse – has the best Swiss chocolate

  • A colleague of The Shaker’s told him that Swiss National Day is the result of all the Swiss cantons uniting together to form one country – Switzerland. 

  • You can swim – really you float - down the Rhine with a “wickelfisch” bag. Or as google translate calls it a “wrap fish.”  It’s a bag that is bright in color and keeps your stuff dry.  Gin has done this several time and adds this tip:  put your phone into a ziplog bag and then into the “wickelfisch.”

  • And Basel has it’s own cookie called “Basler Leckerli.”  Also, I found a recipe while I was “googling” the spelling! 

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