Monday, July 2, 2012

Thanks, Dad!

I am so excited! I finished and blocked my Silken Straw Summer Sweater yesterday.  The yarn feels like straw and it’s stiff when you are knitting with it, but once it’s blocked it looses some of its stiffness and still retains its shape. But because it’s 100% silk, the price per skein is outrageous.

When I had seen the pattern last year on Purl Soho’s website, I showed The Shaker and I told him if anyone ever asks what I want for my birthday and/or Christmas, I want this yarn – Alchemy’s Silken Straw.  So as my birthday was approaching my father called to chitchat and this is how the conversation went –

My Dad: “By the way I have no clue what to get you for your birthday.” 

Me: “Well, there’s this yarn I really want.”

My Dad:  “You want yarn for your birthday.  I am not buying you yarn for your birthday.”  Now in all fairness to my father, he likes to give gifts.  Something that is already completed and can be worn immediately; not something that stills needs to be assembled, mind you.

Me:  “But you don’t understand!  I want to make this sweater and the yarn is really expensive.  I would never in a million years spend this kind of money on yarn for a short sleeved summer top.”
My Dad: “Really?  Well what is made of?

Me: “100% Silk.  

He said what intrigued him about the conversation was the statement that I would never buy this yarn.  So we agreed that I would send him the link to the sweater to show him what it’s suppose to look like and a link to the yarn from Purl Soho – with no pressure about buying it.  But you know the second that I hung up that phone I immediately pounced on my computer and started clicking away!  I sent him a link to 3 different colors that I liked and said he could make the final choice.  I was excited when my postman rang the door with my father’s package in his hands.  But I waited until my birthday to open the shipping box because … well, as my father will openly admit, is not a gift wrapper at all.  And I am glad I waited because the yarn was wrapped in bright pink tissue paper with Purl Soho’s huge logo sticker on it.

Umm … Dad … since you did so well on last year’s gift, here’ this year’s hint – Brooklyn Tweed’s Shelter and Loft. And it’s made in America!

The Martini Knitter

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