Monday, July 30, 2012

Opening Ceremonies Cast On

I have officially cast on my Team Apathy Socks (aka - socks for Gin) at the start of the London 2012 Opening Ceremonies.  I did not cheat.  But I only accomplished the cast on (56 stitches) and 2 rounds for a total of 168 stitches in 3 hours and 45 minutes.   All 4 of us started off together watching but in the end, it was just Vermouth and I watching the ceremonies.  For us, the Opening Ceremonies started at 10 at night our time and ended at 1:45 in the morning.  We both enjoyed watching the Parade of Nations; we cheered (and accidently woke up The Shaker) for the Netherlands, Switzerland and the US upon entering the parade.  But our vote for best looking at the Parade was the guy from Fiji. What event was he in again???

As some of you know, we are huge field hockey fans -- especially for the Dutch women’s team.   However, we were sadden to hear from our good friend Margriet, that her niece, Willemijn Bos would not be able to play in the Olympics this year.  Sadly in the Dutch women’s last friendly hockey match last week before heading off to London, Willemijn injured her knee and could no longer play.  I know that you hear stories like this all the time in the Olympics but when you meet someone like Willemijn and you see all the hopes and dreams in her eyes and then see it shatter before her it just breaks my heart.  So as we continue to root for the Dutch because of Willemijn it is with a heavy heart for us not to see her there with her teammates. 

So yes, we got to see live coverage of the Netherlands vs. Belgium in the Women’s Field Hockey event all due to The Shaker.  I think we have 4 channels to watch the Olympics coverage on but of course, not the events we would like to watch.  So again The Shaker to the rescue with this link; however, there is no commentary just a live feed.  He was even able to hook my laptop up to the TV so we can watch it on a bigger screen.  I know … fancy!

But back to my socks!  This is how far I got over the weekend:

They knit up really fast because of the color changes.  I have decided to change the color line up for the matching sock because these socks are for Gin.  She picked these 3 colors out 6 years ago.  I was going to make a basic scarf for her but I never did.  The yarn just sat in the bag at the back of my sewing closet.  So I thought that this would be the perfect project for the Ravellenic Games 2012.  But here is something else about Gin’s personality you may not know:  she never wears matching socks.  It might be because by the time she is putting on her shoes, she is late.  So to keep with this tradition I have decided to change the color line up on the next sock – the heel with be blue, not green. 

The Martini Knitter

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