Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy Birthday to The Shaker!

Last Friday, was The Shaker’s birthday but because Gin had a friend visiting for the week, he decided that he wanted to celebrate his birthday on Saturday after her friend left. 

I finished The Mojo Sweater and blocked it without him ever seeing it; and true to his word, he didn’t see on the blog.  When I was knitting it, I kept it hidden from his view; and then when it came to the blocking process, it was right under his nose the whole time … ok, it was under our bed.

But before getting to The Mojo Sweater, I had to keep in the tradition of buying a football jersey.  Because not only did Friday, July 6th marked my husband’s birthday but also the 8 year anniversary of our family living in Europe.  As I have said before, we arrived on the morning of The Shaker’s birthday in Amsterdam (8 years ago) and I had no birthday gift!  And with the help of a close friend, I bought the Dutch’s national team’s bright orange football jersey. Moving to Basel was no different and this time he got FC Basel’s jersey along with The Mojo Sweater.

I also have to say that in the past I have had trouble finishing projects on time for The Shaker.  Not this time as I left our small apartment everyday and sat knitting on a park bench on the Rhine River. The temperature was perfect and the surroundings were peaceful – perfect conditions for knitting*.  I did get the odd stare one day and an offer of an apple on another.

I don’t think I said this originally, but I made it as a “weekend slash after a tough workday,” knock around sweater.  The yarn relaxed a little more than to my liking but nothing that the dryer can’t help me fix.  The Shaker said he loves it.  He likes the color and the softness of the yarn (Rowan’s Lenpur Linen). 

I also learned a new bind off technique – the Suspended Bind Off (from Interweave’s Knitting Daily).  I just knew that with so many different ways to cast on there had to be several different ways to bind off.

*On my iPod this past week I listened to Richard Russo’s Nobody’s Fool.  About a year ago, the book club that I am in read Richard Russo’s Empire Falls and I liked the story and writing style so much that I downloaded one of his older books from

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