Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday's Tin of the Week

I found this while Olive was visiting last month and went back last week to get it.  I just couldn’t stop think about the sarcastic humor printed on the front.  So I had it sitting out on a table last night, when Gin found it.  She said, “This is hilarious! You bought this for me, right?”  I said, “No, I bought it for my knitting.”  Well … you can imagine the look on Gin’s face …

I said, “How am I suppose to pull this out of my handbag and say to my friends, would you like a mint?”  But if I had this in my travel knitting kit …

Also The Shaker and I had a very busy Saturday this past weekend … all surrounded around wine.  Are you surprised???  We met up with friends for a wine tasting event at noon.  Then came back into town to do the weekend shopping, finished that, and grabbed a Starbucks for a caffeine pick-me-up as we were going back out that night for party.  

I am very pleased to say that when I awoke on Sunday morning, I had no hangover!

The Martini Knitter

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Sandy said...

LOL...that is funny, I can't believe you didn't snatch it up the first time you were there; but glad it was still there when you went back!