Thursday, June 28, 2012

Today’s Whine: Knitting Round and Round and Round

Can I just start of with saying I am completely bored with knitting round and round?  Wow! That’s sounds like I am whining*!  Truly sorry! … Another family motto that started when Gin was quite small and tried to whine her way out of something, I looked down at her and said, “Honey, we don’t “do whine,” we just drink it!”  The whining ended right there and then; and that would be your parent tip of the day …

Anyway, if it weren’t for European Cup Football, these 2 projects, - ok, one of these projects - would be sitting there … in the project bag … just waiting to be completed.  I have watched every match while knitting round and round.  And every time I hear the voices of the audience start their steady roar climb, up snaps my head with no worries about where I am in my knitting.  See? So, it’s a good thing.  The last 2 matches have both ended in “penalty kicks”:  England vs. Italy ending with Italy advancing; and then last night’s match, Portugal vs. Spain with Spain advancing.  The result for me being, that my Silken Straw Summer Sweater is nearly completed because these 2 matches have both gone way passed my bedtime – ending around 11:30 pm. 

On The Shaker’s Mojo Sweater, I have 11 inches completed on the body with only 10 more inches to complete.  At point I stopped working on the body when I finished a skein and moved to the back neck facing as it was something different to do.  This is the sweater that cannot windup in a project bag sitting in a hidden corner from view – I have until next Friday to complete it. 

But the Silken Straw Summer Sweater is the never-ending project!  I checked and I started this back in March and it’s almost July!  Gin has even made comments about this not being done … “Why you are not done yet?”  Well … today Andy Murray plays center court at Wimbledon (Olive is a huge fan of tennis) and tonight Germany vs. Italy in the Euro Cup – which you know I will be watching!

The Martini Knitter

* I got today's title from Team Apathy -- they have a discussion thread titled "Today's Whine."

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