Monday, June 25, 2012

Ravellenic Games 2012: Team Apathy

So I spent most of Saturday morning and yesterday wasting precious knitting time on Ravelry and the Interweave website - they had a pattern sale!  While looking around Ravelry and thinking about how the weather is very different from Holland I decided to change my mind about some yarn that I bought for another project.  It was a long sleeve summer sweater that I just can’t see myself wearing while living here in Basel.

This is what I bought and which I think I already own because I buy Interweave Magazines (note to self – pay attention to publish date!):

And then I noticed that Yarn Harlot had a new blog posting about the Ravelympics*What is that?  I looked at the qualifying events, gave it some thought and then I tried to figure out what to knit because I want to join in the fun too.  Olive has been participating in Camp Loopy this summer and she wanted me to join too, but I couldn’t because the yarn I had wasn’t the same that The Loopy Ewe carried, so that eliminated me.

And while listening to Olive and reading what the Yarn Harlot had posted, made me even more interested in joining a stash busting event.  The thing is, is that I am still relatively new to knitting.  I have been knitting almost 3 years now and the last time Ravelry did their Ravelympics was 4 years ago and I wasn’t knitting yet – it wasn’t even on the radar for me. 

So I have come up with my Ravellenic event – “Sock Putt” – I think the descriptor says this:  baby booties, leg warmers and slippers.  I have chosen Ann Budd’s Fibonacci Striped Socks.  Somewhere I read the guidelines saying something about how you have to do something that is challenging and/or you have never done before.  That’s perfect for me because I have never done striping work in socks. 

And then I read that you can choose how many “units” you would like to produce.  I will only being one pair of socks for this reason:

This must be all un-boxed!
Then I had to join a team … I chose to join Team Apathy because of the motto:  “We don’t care if we finish or not.”  So there you have it, I am not under any pressure whatsoever to start, let alone finish my choosen project.  Perfect!  Count me on the Mass Cast-On dated July 27, 2012.  I am hoping that The Shaker will at least have the TV up and running so that I can watch some of the Olympics events.  Who I am kidding?  I will probably be asleep on the couch holding my martini and my knitting needles … snoring …

The Martini Knitter

*Update:  Ravelympics name has been changed to Ravellenic Games

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Irkalla said...

We're so glad that you joined us! NAP TIME!