Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Productive Rainy Day

Yesterday, I had plans to walk with a group of women, but the weather was not good.  It was rainy.  I feel pathetic saying that after just living in Holland for almost 8 years …

But instead I stayed at home and got caught up on my knitting.  I finished my Wingspan, which turned out amazing.  It looks similar to the other Ravelry users – which is a good thing.  I love the swirl of colors.  The part I am not sure about is the miss judgment of yarn at the end of my skein.  I swore I was close to the end so I stopped after 6 triangles points.  Now after casting off, I realized that I might have been able to add one more triangle.  I hate getting to the end of something and not having enough yarn to finish the project only to have to rip out and hope that I get all the stitches back on to the needles. But I also didn’t want it too big.  I wanted it to just wrap around and cover the shoulders and then be able to clasp it with a shawl pin.  I know that I have achieved that.

Vermouth's Tram Socks*
After completing the Wingspan, I casted on 2 pair of socks (America the Beautiful and The Luck of the Irish).  Earlier this week I learned exactly how much knitting I really can get done while riding on the tram here.  One day, I had to wait for Vermouth to meet me in the center to buy shoes.  I told her to meet me at the Marktplatz stop and while waiting for her, I found a bench right there in the middle of the stop and just sat, waited and knitted.  By the time she got to me I was almost done knitting a 3-inch cuff.  And this was a big public knitting outing for me as well - not my usual sit-in-the-corner-of-Starbucks and knit.  Nope this is a busy tram stop and I just sat there and knitted round and round.  I could feel people staring at me but I just didn’t look up.  So yesterday I made the heel flap, turned the heel, did the gusset and now today I am ready to knit the foot part.  And when I get back home, I will be at the toe part.  That’s how much knitting I have been able to achieve by either waiting for my girls or by sitting on the tram! (Sock pattern: "6 Stitches per Inch Sock" by Ann Budd)

So I thought, hey why not cast on another pair of socks to work on the tram? I found 2 pairs of US size 0 needles, casted on yarn that I bought with Olive last week and worked on the toe parts.  I chose "Gusset Heel Basic Socks" from Socks from the Toe-Up this time because Gin and Vermouth like a small cuff; and I could get to the knitting round and round part faster. 

And lastly my complete "Corduroy" sweater
Olive made me finish this while she was visiting

So I feel very productive for a rainy day … I finished some projects and added some new ones.  

The Martini Knitter

* Ann Budd's book, Getting Started Knitting Socks - the 6 stitches per inch sock

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