Thursday, June 14, 2012

Euro Cup Football

I love this time of year!  It’s the European Cup Football tournament.  There is something about watching all the nations come together for about 3 weeks to celebrate football (aka soccer).  With all the crazy face colors and outfits. 

But there is nothing like watching the Dutch.  They are just flat out crazy in their bright orange outfits.  You can always see them in the stands while watching match because it’s just a sea of orange.  And the Dutch will travel.  Last weekend as we got closer to Holland, we turned on the radio and listened to a commentary about these huge Dutch campsites being set up in Poland and the Ukraine.  They just drove there with their campers just to be near the excitement.  From what we heard, they didn’t even have tickets to the matches they just wanted to be close to the action. 

We arrived on the morning July 6th, 2004 in Holland.  I remember the exact date because it happens to be The Shaker’s birthday and I had no birthday gift.  And I mean nothing!  But a friend suggested the Dutch football team’s jersey.  So by the time we went out for dinner to celebrate his birthday, I had a gift-wrapped Dutch team’s (home) bright orange football jersey. 

As the time got closer to leaving Holland and relocating to Switzerland, the girls and I decided that The Shaker needed a new Dutch football team jersey – the away team’s one.  We may not be Dutch, but we watch every Euro Cup match and every World Cup football match.  And we always wear our orange clothing.  The Dutch team this time isn’t playing that well.  But nevertheless we have our favorite players:  Gin and The Shaker both like Arjen Robben, Vermouth likes Robin van Persie, and my favorite player is Wesley Sneijder. 

Vermouth and The Shaker 
So even though last night the Dutch lost to Germany (as well as to Denmark on Saturday), it doesn’t matter.  Because I will watch and support the Dutch again on Sunday while they play Portugal.  I will where my bright orange t-shirt and be happy.  Because the Dutch football team will always have a fan in me.

The Martini Knitter

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